I’m the world’s luckiest man after winning £1k prize & £140k after reenacting first win – NBCNEWS

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The world’s luckiest man won a £17,000 prize in the lottery, but hit the £140,000 jackpot while reenacting his first win on live TV.

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The incredible story of truck driver Bill Morgan, then 37, begins in 1998 when he was involved in a terrible car accident.

Lucky Bill Morgan hit the jackpot of £140,000 in the air


Lucky Bill Morgan hit the jackpot of £140,000 in the airCredit: Nine News
He couldn't believe his luck when he realized he'd won while filming a reenactment of the first win


He couldn’t believe his luck when he realized he’d won while filming a reenactment of the first winCredit: Nine News

The lucky man cheated on death and miraculously survived after being clinically dead for 14 minutes, following a heart attack and in a coma for 15 days.

After his recovery, Bill decided to try his luck one more time and bought a scratch card.

He was ecstatic when he realized he had won a brand new Toyota Corolla, worth £17,000.

But his luck wasn’t meant to stop just yet.

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When a local news station wanted to cover the story, Bill hadn’t expected what was going to happen.

While filming a reenactment of his first win, he bought another ticket – and was shocked to realize he’d just hit the £140,000 jackpot on live TV.

He can be seen in the clip saying, “I just won $250,000 – I’m not kidding.

“I think I’m going to have another heart attack.”

The super happy man called his fiancée to tell her the good news and that they could buy a house in Melbourne, in a viral video that was shown to news channels around the world.

His first act was to cash out a $200,000 check and buy a house right away before investing the rest.

Speak with Daily Mail Australia in 2020 Bill said he still buys scratch cards.

And despite personal health issues, he said he is grateful for the incredible win that has enabled him to have a good life with his wife Lisa.

He said: “I am either at the highest of the highs or the lowest of the lows.

“But look, I’ve had a bonus of 22 years and that’s how you have to live.

“Every day I get up and put on my shoes, and even when I’m not feeling well, I shuffle down the road and smell the roses, look at the sun and think how lucky I am.

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“I won $250,000. I own the house I live in. I have a nice car that I own.

“Sure, I had to retire because the heart got too much and I’m full of arthritis, but it was all for the best.”

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