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Snapchat released a new AR game that allows players to hunt for ghosts in their environment and use their phone’s camera. It’s called Ghost Phone AR and it’s available on Android and iOS devices. Unlike Snapchat’s AR-based lenses that allow users to click unique photos and videos, the Ghost Phone AR game is interactive. It allows users to provide input by moving their smartphone or tapping the screen.

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Snapchat has launched many interactive experiences over the years, such as Snap Games like Bitmoji Tennis, Carrom Gold, and Ready Set Gold. To play these games, users can open a chat and tap the rocket icon in the lower right corner of the screen. In the menu that appears, users can choose from a list of Snap Games and Snap Minis, both of which offer a fun experience. While users can play most games independently, some require two players.


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Snapchats ghost phone AR game is now available in the app. There are three ways to find the game. The first is through the Lens Explorer section on Snapchat. Open the app and tap the smiley to the right of the shutter button on the home screen. Now tap the search icon at the top left, type “ghost phone” and the AR game should be available under Lenses as the first result. The second method involves opening the Snapchat lens website and scanning the Snapcode with Snap Camera. On the same website, users will find a link to the Ghost Phone Lens. They can copy it and share it with their friends as the third way, where those with the link can tap it and access the AR game directly.

Playing Snapchat’s Ghost Phone

Once users have found the game, they must follow the on-screen instructions to progress. The story of the game is about finding out what happened to the owner of the phone that mysteriously disappeared. First, players must tap on a phone screen that appears on the screen, which will load the game. Users will then encounter something that resembles the interface of a mobile screen. Later, players will use their camera feed to look around for supernatural entities around them, created with Snap Lenses.

Ghost Phone AR is built with Lens Studio and web-first game engine Playcanvas. As per Snapchat, it is a game where “players can discover the secrets of an abandoned phone and solve the supernatural mystery of what happened to its previous owner. However, after spending some time with Ghost Phone, users will realize that it’s more like an interactive AR experience where Snapchat uses different types of lenses and themed images through the video feed. Users may also encounter ads while playing Ghost Phone AR game on Snapchat.

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