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Especially as the stakes get higher, tensions continue to mount and the drama escalates appropriately, Barry has only gotten more serious with each subsequent episode. Gradually drifting away from its dark comedic start, Bill Hader series is practically as bleak and heavy as any drama on TV right now. Maybe even more, actually. This summer’s season finale in particular was an almost brick affair; you’d be forgiven if you didn’t smile once during the events that unfolded. But behind the scenes it’s a different story. And the proof can be found at Henry Winkler‘s always delightful Twitter, which gave us our first official look at the upcoming fourth season.

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As the chipper actor revealed on his social media pageit’s nothing but a smile during rehearsal on Barry Season 4. While we can expect the action that follows this season to be nothing less than intense, our three main actors, including Sarah Goldberg, look as happy as can be. We have no idea what will happen in these upcoming eight episodes, but one thing is for sure. These three are ready for another season of great television – if, of course, it matches the level of the previous three seasons.

Although it has not been announced when Barry is expected to start filming the fourth season, the cameras should be up and running soon, especially if they are on their first day of rehearsal. Hopefully this season will be smoother than last time; the COVID-19 pandemic caused season 3 rehearsals and production to be suspended indefinitely. It’s unclear if this upcoming fourth season is expected to be Barryis the last. As the showrunner, as well as star, writer and director of the show, Hader has been vague on whether or not the show will continue past this point.


Barry Season 3: Henry Winkler on his character and working with Bill Hader

If it really is the curtain for the critically acclaimed series, it’s not due to a lack of enthusiasm from our three protagonists. They are clearly affectionate towards each other and they will hopefully produce more great work with next year’s highly anticipated new season.

A funny thing about this tweet that doesn’t have much value but is worth mentioning: Winkler tagged not the official Barry Twitter account, but accidentally a fan account (although the handle, @hbo_barry, sounds legit) and he ended the tweet by writing “HAPPY” in all captions, as if Goldberg and Winkler’s big, wide grins expressed their enthusiasm for Winkler’s million followers.

As people who’ve seen this season’s finale know (and I’ll be dancing around spoilers for anyone who hasn’t caught up yet), it’s unclear how Season 4 will go, especially with all the characters in different places – physically as well as emotionally . The conclusion of the third season felt like a series closer in some ways, though there are still quite a few dangling plot threads that viewers hope will be addressed in this possibly final season.

Every year, Hader continues to impress with his work in front of and behind the camera, and this season is sure to be his most daunting, especially as he plans to direct all eight episodes this year. In addition, Winkler and Goldberg’s performances continue to evolve and amaze in a rich and compelling way, and it will be intriguing to say the least to see where they will go.

There are many unanswered questions about Barrythe fourth season. But whatever happens, it looks like Winkler and his fellow cast members will have a blast shooting it. Watch the season 3 trailer below.

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