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crazy ball – The results of RANS Nusantara vs PSS Sleman in the Indonesian League 1 continuing party at the Pakansari Stadium, Bogor, on Friday night (29/7), ended with a score of 3-3.

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An exciting match was played tonight at RANS’s home, which the hosts unfortunately could not win. RANS did manage to break the deadlock in the 39th minute through the captain’s goal, Septian Bagaskara, but the score was leveled right in the 45th minute by Tallysson Duarte.

The answer to a goal followed, as only two minutes later, precisely in the 45+2 minute, Septian scored again and the score was 2-1 to close the match in the first half.

The game in the second half had just started, on 51 minutes David Laly brought RANS back to lead 3-1. However, PSS were not discouraged as they tried to catch up which eventually resulted in two goals to equalise.

Ze Valente made PSS catch up in the 65th minute to make it 2-3. Then Dave Mustaine, who played from the bench, made it 3-3 in the 78th minute.

The course of the match

Against the promotion team, PSS tried to look pressure from the kick-off. They also managed to penetrate the host’s defense several times.

However, after several attempts by players from both teams, a new goal was created in the 39th minute when RANS captain Septian Bagaskara managed to break the deadlock by capitalizing on Ady Setiawan’s pass. PURPOSE!

PSS did manage to equalize right in the 45th minute through Tallysson Duarte’s goal, but Septian again ripped PSS’s net in the 45+2 minute. The match in the first half ended with a score of 2-1 in favor of the host RANS.

RANS had two opportunities at the start of the second half through the performances of David Laly and Ikhssannul, which unfortunately did not add to the hosts’ tally.

David Laly was finally able to add to the collection of RANS goals through his collaboration with Edo Febriansyah which resulted in a beautiful goal in the 51st minute. The ball was actually pushed over by the PSS goalkeeper but the ball bounced into the net. . GOAL! 3-1 For RANS Nusantara!

PSS should have caught up three minutes later, but Rifky’s header, who tried to use Ze Valente’s pass right in front of RANS’s goal, still bounced. FAIL!

Almost!! It was Ze Valente’s long-range shot that almost made PSS catch up in the 59th minute, but this attempt failed because his shot just hit the crossbar.

PURPOSE!! PSS finally managed to add to its goal collection in the 65th minute when Ze Valente’s long-range shot finally nestled into the hosts’ goal and added Super Elja’s goal to make it 2-3.

PSS finally managed to equalize through a wonderful goal from substitute Dave Mustaine in the 78th minute. PURPOSE! The score changes to 3-3!!

Wander Luiz should have scored the winning goal for RANS in injury time. Unfortunately, Ady’s ace is still wide of the PSS goal! The results of RANS Nusantara vs PSS Sleman ended with a score of 3-3.

Stand in a line

RANS Nusantara: Hilmansyah, Ady Setiawan (C), Edo Febriansyah, OK John, Victor Sallinas, Ikhsannul, Makan Konate, Mitsuru Maruoka, Fadillapss Akbar, David Laly, Septian Bagaskara.

PSS Sleman: M Ridwan, Marckho Sandy, M Rifky, Nurdiansyah, Purwaka (C), Tallysson Duarte, Irkham Mila/Riki Dwi, Jihad Ayoub, Ze Valente, Manda Cingi, Mychell Chagas.

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