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Here are the Event Horizon explained alternate endings and why they weren’t used. Paul WS Anderson scored a huge success with his 1995 video game adaptation Mortal Kombat but returned for a sequel so he could focus on making an R-rated movie. He selected the script for Event Horizon, in which a deep-space rescue team investigates the titular ship. The Event Horizon was an experimental craft that could travel to any point in space, but after disappearing for seven years, the crew discovered it brought back something infernal.

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Event Horizon was intended to be a major blockbuster overseen by Paramount. Unfortunately for the studio, they hadn’t taken into account Anderson’s dark, blood-soaked vision for the film, which was quickly put together to fill a slot left by the delay of James Cameron’s film. Titanic. This meant that Anderson was largely left alone in making Event Horizon, and his original version for the film was famously extremely brutal and gory. After several strikes during a test screening, the studio demanded that much of the bloodshed be removed, but the film was ultimately a financial disappointment.


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Despite this, Event Horizon found a cult following in the years following its original release. It’s definitely Paul WS Anderson’s best film, and while fans would love to see a director’s cut, the footage to make one no longer exists. There were two alternate endings to Event Horizon, and while they don’t radically change the film, they are intriguing in their own way. Here are the Event Horizon alternate endings explained.

The End of the Burning Man

event horizon burning man

Horizon’s event The finale of “Burning Man” is essentially a different version of the current showdown. In the latest installment of the Hell in Space movie, Laurence Fishburne’s Captain Miller is trapped in the ship’s gravity driving room, while the demonic Weir (Sam Neill) taunts him with visions of his crew being torn apart in Hell.

In the Event Horizon Alternate endings, one of them sees Weir’s place taken over by Corrick, a crew member from one of Miller’s previous missions that he had to abandon. Corrick is burned and Miller is haunted everywhere by visions of the burning man. In this ending, Miller came face to face (burning) face with his greatest regret, and Corrick served as the last adversary the captain had to overcome. It turned out that the test audience preferred the Weir-centric version, which led to the use of that finale.

The End of the Screaming Ship

event horizon joely richardson

event horizon, Hellraiser‘s intergalactic equivalent, ends on an ambiguous note, with survivors Starck and Cooper being picked up by a rescue team. Nevertheless, Starck hallucinates Weir as one of the rescuers, and a door closes on its own, implying that sinister forces are still part of the Event Horizon ship. Either way, it looks like Starck will be haunted by her experiences on the ship.

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The Event Horizon alternate endings see a different variation, though arguably it would have been more creepy. Instead of a vision of Weir, Event HorizonThe scripted ending saw Starck attacked by screams from the ship’s deceased crew, with hands reaching over her body – which turns out to be the rescue team. Cooper also comes to comfort her, but again, the implication is that the trauma will linger with her for a long time.

Would Event Horizon’s alternate endings have improved the movie?

Doctor Weir hallucinates an image of his wife Claire in Event Horizon

Based on the Event Horizon Alternate endings, it’s hard to say which one would have changed the movie more or if they would’ve changed the movie for the better because choosing one of the alternate endings would have adapted the movie in a different way. If the first ending had been chosen, with Corrick in Weir’s place, it would have had a negative impact on the film. Corrick was not as central to the story as Weir, appearing mainly as a hallucination from Miller’s mind. Swapping the two characters was the right decision given Weir’s presence throughout the film and the intended level of sexual assault in Event HorizonThe infamous discarded “blood orgy” was completely pointless. The second alternate ending retains its ambiguity, but would have been much more disturbing psychologically. Moreover, it could have prevented the “it was all a dream” moment from reaching the conclusion in the… Event Horizon final cut (even though the door closes unsolicited in the theatrical cut, implying the ship is still sentient and possibly malicious). The ending as a possible hallucination rather than a dream lends itself more to the theme of Starck’s trauma and at the same time makes the ship’s continued infernal possession less certain and more implied – the film lost a smarter denouement in this alternative.

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