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Dorinda Medley hits back at Jill Zarin's comment about her drinking as RHONY Alum calls it "Salacious"

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Dorinda Medley hurry back Jill Zarin after learning from her colleague Real Housewives of New York City made alum some “hurtful” comments about her drinking.

After a caller called Dorinda’s radio show earlier this week and noted that Jill had expressed concerns about… her drinking habits and suggesting she might have “a problem” with alcohol, Dorinda fired back at the first RHONY cast member, told the caller she was probably trying to renew”her moment.”

‘I think she’s very lustful. Look, she’s been out of work for a long time. She hasn’t been there since 2011. She was on it for four years and I think this is new to her and this is her moment,” Dorinda explained on the July 28 episode of SiriusXM. Make it fun with Dorinda Medley. “She’s having a great moment and she should take it because it’s been a long time for her.”

According to Dorinda, she and Jill are more “acquaintances” than friends.

“Jill thinks we know each other really well and that we… We’re friends. [But] we’re not like best friends,” she revealed. “I mostly run into her with Ramona.”

While Dorinda denied the caller’s claims that Jill’s statements about her drinking were “hurtful,” she said things are only hurtful “if you care,” adding, “It’s lascivious.”

“She likes a lot of attention,” Dorinda continued. “Even Brandi said on” Watch live what’s happening recently she was thirsty. Tamra said it. she is thirsty. So go for it… Some people say things because it’s lustful and dangerous and it has no support and no knowledge.”

Dorinda went on to reveal that she felt she and Jill were in a good place after filming the second season from Real Housewives: Ultimate Girl’s Journey Bee her Berkshires mansion last year.

“We had such a great intention, many of the girls, especially Jill and I. So it didn’t make sense because I haven’t really seen Jill. She’s texted me a few times, “I love you,” “Come to the Hamptons,” “I really love you,” so it didn’t make sense, but then again, it doesn’t really matter,” Dorinda stated. “We all left on a good note… So whatever is going on with her, I guess, maybe a little shadow boxing.”

While appearing on Hollywood’s Access Housewives nightcap earlier this month, Jill said she was “concerned” about Dorinda and didn’t want anything to happen to her while she was drinking, after she was asked if they would ever continue drinking. their deep-seated problems.

“Honestly, we’ll never really do anything about it until the entire drinking, and all that needs to be sorted out,” Jill admitted. “There’s a lot of stuff out there, but I’m not a doctor, I’m not a therapist, I’m not even a good friend enough to actually get that with Dorinda, but someone has to get there with her.”

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