Bring Me The Horizon’s Oli Sykes’ DROP DEAD Unveils Unisex ANGELSLAYER Collection – NBCNEWS

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Models pose with clothes from the ANGELSLAYERS line

Oli Sykes of Bring Me The Horizon today (July 29) launched the clothing line ANGELSLAYER under his alternative fashion brand DROP DEAD.

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The singer’s latest collection is themed around Topheth, a fictional institution conceived by Sykes that serves as a metaphor for technology’s insidious grip on modern civilization.

Speaking of the cult-like organization, Sykes said: “The institution [Topheth] houses other kidnapped children who have been handpicked from birth for their psychic abilities and forced to be part of a process that inexorably leads to the decay and eventual death of their human selves.

Topheth, who subjects children to gruesome experiments, also has an agenda to weaponize the children’s skills to create the ANGELSLAYERS.

Included in the collection are futuristic T-shirts, skirts, tops, hoodies and jackets fashioned around the dark concept, all available in unisex sizes.

Models pose with clothes from the ANGELSLAYERS line. CREDIT: DROP DEAD

Models pose with clothes from the ANGELSLAYERS line. CREDIT: DROP DEAD

“Thematically, this collection has created a world inspired by the powerful psychological manipulation tactics of the tech industry,” Sykes continued.

“Most people don’t realize that behind their screens and phones hides a gigantic lab of psychologists, neuroscientists and social science experts who use their knowledge of psychological vulnerabilities to devise products that hijack their minds and make them addicted with a drug-like power, with the for profit or brainwashing.

“The ANGELSLAYERS represent a metaphor of this idea, a generation armed by shady cops to believe that what is good is bad and what is bad is good.

Sykes added: “The ideas and concepts [Drop Dead] wants to promote is a sense of unity, community, and healthy obsessions and passions. With hope, we look to a future where we break the endless cycle that has been created.”

The line is available to explore by signing up on the DROP DEAD website here.

The brand sells clothing exclusively through its website to more than 100 countries around the world, with the first shipment of ANGELSLAYER clothing shipping today.

DROP DEAD is also currently working on plans to reopen its Sheffield HQ store, allowing their fans to explore the line IRL and gain insight into how the brand functions. Stay tuned for news about the reopening date and more.

Oli Sykes from Bring Me The Horizon.  Credit: Thomas Niedermueller/Redferns
Oli Sykes from Bring Me The Horizon. Credit: Thomas Niedermueller/Redferns

Earlier this month, Bring Me The Horizon shared a music video for their new single ‘Strangers’, inspired by the mental health experiences of the band and their fans. The track was first revealed during a DJ set the band played on the first night of their very own Malta Weekender festival.

Bring Me The Horizon’s last non-collaborative single was ‘DiE4u’, which came out last September. Like ‘Strangers’, that track is expected to appear in the next installment of the band’s ‘Post Human’ EP series, due out sometime this year. The first part, ‘Post Human: Survival Horror’, was released in October 2020.

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