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Nagita Slavina's moment shopping for Rafathar's school supplies (YouTube/RANS Entertainment)

NBCNEWS.LIVE – Born the son of Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina, Rafathar Malik Ahmad lived a fulfilling life. According to Raffi Ahmad, Rafathar received many endorsements since he was a baby. Rafathar’s savings reportedly touched billions.

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Rafathar, born rich, seemed to give a surprising answer when asked about his goals. It was Nagita Slavina who asked Rafathar about his dreams growing up.

In the uploaded video circulating, Nagita Slavina mentioned a number of professional choices for Rafathar.

“Do you want to be in a band like that? Do you want to be an athlete? What do you want to be?” asked Nagita Slavina.

Meanwhile, Raffi Ahmad’s first child was confused by the choice of profession mentioned by Nagita Slavina.

Hmm no. I don’t know, I just want to be a cloud,” Rafathar replied.

Rayyanza and Rafathar (instagram/raffinagita1717)

Hearing this, Caca Tengker’s sister spontaneously laughed before suppressing Rafathar’s ideals again.

“There must be a dream, please. What do you want to be?” continued Nagita Slavina.

Due to confusion, Rafathar gave up his choice of ideals to Nagita Slavina.

Nagita Slavina and Rafathar (YouTube/RANS Entertainment)

“Whatever. What do you want Aa to be? I’m confused, Mah,” Rafathar concluded.

The video upload went viral on TikTok social media with over 200 thousand views.

“The child wants to be a cloud, the father wants to be the sky,” write TikTok account @hallocingudeul.idquoted on Friday (29/7/2022).

Netizens immediately gave several responses to Rafathar’s answer. A number of netizens thought that Rafathar was confused about his goals because he was already rich.

“He’s confused because he’s already rich,” wrote one netizen. “That’s a lot of money,” another netizen said. “None of the so-called professions exceed Aaa’s current savings.” another netizen said.


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