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Already heralded as one of the best new anime series to debut in 2022, Wit Studio and CloverWorks’ adaptation of Spy X Family transcends genre while simultaneously serving as a spy thriller, a humorous comedy hit, and a heartwarming exploration of the concept of found family.

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While fans will have to wait until October for the second cour to be released, there’s still a lot to enjoy from the first 12 episodes of Spy x Family. Anya Forger steals the scene every time she’s on screen, and almost everything she says is as healthy as it is hilarious.

10 No one will try to kill me because I asked him out

“Oh, poor me! I’m so lonely because I don’t have a mommy!”

A well-known spy known by the code name Twilight is tasked with infiltrating the inner circle of a high-ranking political figure, but to do so he must assemble a fake family. After adopting the orphan Anya – who, unbeknownst to him, is a telepath – he sets out in search of a wife.

He comes across a woman named Yor at a local tailor, and Anya, after reading their thoughts, discovers that their unique predicament makes them compatible. In her standard straightforward manner, Anya launches a not-so-sneaky aside about her desire for a mother. Her acting on this case was hilarious, and it was also endearing to see how committed she was to Twilight’s mission to start a family.

9 Bondman’s Bullets

“There are two-eighths of bullets left.”

The eight episode of Spy X FamilyYuri’s first season introduces Yuri, Yor’s younger brother who works for the secret police and cruelly protects his sibling. Just before his surprise visit, however, Loid notices that Anya is learning basic math from her spy cartoon.

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When Yor storms in to inform Loid of Yuri’s impending visit, Anya, unaware of the gravity of the situation, steadfastly drops in with “two-eight bullets left.” Maybe it was a subtle comment about the state of Twilight’s mission—or maybe it was just Anya who was Anya.

8 Tada!

“Do I look cute in my uniform?”

After being admitted to Eden College despite a difficult interview, Yor and Anya go to the tailor to pick up her new school uniform. Anya is overjoyed about it and asks Yor if she looks cute – twice in a row.

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She then follows Yor to a nearby park where she shows her uniform to random strangers. Yor gets caught up in the strange beauty of a fake mom, but Anya is too busy showing off her new subjects to notice.

7 Baldy, Baldy

“Mr. Benedict Ivan Goodhello.”

The forgers prepare extensively for Anya’s interview with Eden College, but the process turns out to be much more elaborate than they imagined. The trio has been followed every step of the way and faces a series of challenges with enough elegance to live up to the expectations of the headmasters.

During the actual interview, Anya is confused, but she manages to read Twilight’s mind and answer the questions correctly – for the most part. When asked who the school’s founder was, Twilight indicates that it was a man named Benedict Ivan Goodfellow. Anya recites the name almost without error, although she says ‘Goodhello’ instead of ‘Goodfellow’. Fortunately, it seems that no one noticed the error.

6 Show how in love you are

“Is it the end of the world?”

The ninth episode resolves a cliffhanger from the previous episode; Yor’s sister Yuri wants to see her kiss Loid to prove that they are really married, but she hesitates greatly. In the end she punches Yuri and launches him across the room and against a wall.

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This awakens a sleeping Anya, who, in a daze, remarks, “Is this the end of the world?” along with something about bombs before going back to sleep. Given what she knows about the real identities of her fake parents, her casual attitude about global destruction is absurdly funny.

5 Keeping a low profile

‘I’m Anya. I’ve always been daddy’s daughter.’

To ensure Strix’s success, Twilight wants everyone to believe that he is a true family man. He says the same thing to Anya shortly after adopting her, although Anya’s approach to her role as a daughter is somewhat unorthodox.

When she introduces herself to a neighbor in the first episode, Anya spit that she’s “always been daddy’s daughter”, which seems to have set alarm bells ringing in the mind of the woman they spoke to. This was the first of many strangely hilarious gaffes by Anya.

4 Dodgeball Dilemma

“Nothing Mama ever teaches me ever helps.”

Spy X Family‘s Yor may be a skilled hit man, but she doesn’t have many other talents. She is inexperienced in her new role as a housewife and constantly worries about her cooking and her maternal abilities. However, when Anya hears a rumor that she can earn a Stella star by becoming the MVP of a class dodgeball game, Yor is determined to train her.

Anya develops a special move that she wants to unleash during the game, but when the time comes, she launches the ball harmlessly into the ground and is quickly knocked out of the game. Finally, she is approached by her classmates and notices that nothing from her mother ever helps her.

3 Earn her stars

“I’m going to be a professional swimmer and earn stars that way, so I have to start practicing in the pool.”

To infiltrate Donovan Desmond’s inner circle, Twilight needs Anya to earn eight Stella stars from Eden College. However, with poor grades and a lack of extracurricular talent, he plans to help her earn this courage by volunteering.

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Unfortunately, she’s not good at that either. However, she uses telepathy to discover that a boy is drowning in a nearby swimming pool. To slip away without raising suspicions about her powers, she blurts out that she needs to become a professional swimmer and practice in a pool. Her efforts to save the boy eventually earn her a Stella star, despite her ridiculous story.

2 stay vigilant

“I’m trying not to get kidnapped.”

During another visit to the tailor, a woman mentions that students at Eden College have recently been targeted by kidnappers and held for ransom. Shocked, Anya always tries to keep an eye out, something Twilight notices.

When asked when she’s acting strangely, Anya replies that she’s “trying not to get kidnapped,” which Twilight finds funny. Unfortunately, Anya is captured later in the same episode, but Yor uses her assassin skills and springs into action, forcing the attackers to pack up before they can go into hiding wearing her daughter or her daughter’s new Eden College uniform.

1 A family ‘Ooting’

“She has breasts! I can see them!”

Twilight realizes that while he has successfully built a facade of a family, they don’t have the culture needed to get into Eden College. To remedy this, he takes Yor and Anya on a family trip to a museum, opera house and stylish restaurant. Unfortunately, Anya’s behavior during the outing is questionable.

After Twilight tells Anya to be quiet in the art exhibit, she immediately starts screaming about a Renaissance painting depicting a naked woman. It certainly wasn’t a display of sophistication or elegance, but it was an accurate representation of how a child like Anya might behave in such an environment.

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