Amanda Manopo Shakes Sikok for Duo; Nitizen: Amanda’s sway is disturbing

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During a break backstage, the Andin character was seen dancing with his co-star Glenca Chysara. Amanda Manopo’s sway managed to make the netter salfok.

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The owner’s full name Amanda Gabriella Manopo Lugue has succeeded in becoming one of the most popular and phenomenal celebrities during the year 2021-2022.

Through his role as Andin, the 22-year-old artist is increasingly recognized by many people.

Attending the prestigious Indonesian Drama Series Awards, Amanda Manopo again met her co-star Arya Saloka.

During a break backstage, Amanda looked engrossed in dancing to the trending and phenomenal TikTok, Sikok Bagi Duo with Glenca Chysara.

Amanda’s sway managed to attract public attention and make people hot and cold when they saw it. The reason is, Amanda looks agile, I dance like clubbing.

Amanda’s rocking video was posted by the TikTok account @glencachysaraofficial and was watched by 5 million viewers.

“Amanda’s sway is disturbing,” said Netter, reported Thursday, July 28, 2022.

“Amanda rocking makes it hot and cold,” said Netter.

“Amanda’s movements are very natural, like they are used to,” commented a netter.

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Bad news was widely reported and it was accused of having an affair with his co-star Arya Saloka, Amanda Manopo, who won the prestigious award again.

Appearing at IDSA 2022, Amanda and Arya won in the category of Favorite Drama Series Couple Indonesian Drama Series Award 2022 in the soap opera Ikatan Cinta.

One more stage with Arya Saloka, Amanda looks very beautiful in a glamorous dress with stunning and radiant skin.

It was as if Arya Saloka was made to feel awkward after meeting Amanda again, who had been her partner in the soap opera.

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