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Syifa Salma is Haji Faisal's assistant.  (Photo: celebrities.id/Instagram @ssyifasalma)

JAKARTA, NBCNEWS.LIVE – Haji Faisal is now more and more busy with his activities in the entertainment world and his business. Suddenly this makes him need a manager figure to manage all the needs of the job.

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The beautiful manager of aunt Andriansyah’s parents as well as Vanessa Angel’s mother-in-law is known as Syifa Salma. He is often called Cipa.

As a driver, Cipa often helps Haji Faisal’s family take care of their busy schedule.

Starting from arranging a schedule to create content, endorsements, to a schedule to fill a TV show attended by Haji Faisal’s family.

Apart from her beauty and fashionable style, Cipa recently went viral for being rumored to be dating Thoriq Halilintar, Fuji’s lover.

This is evidenced by several videos recently uploaded by gossip accounts to Thofu’s fan accounts. Cipa was accused of being tired because netizens were caught eyeing him and holding Thoriq’s thigh.

So what is the figure of a woman who is still 18 years old?

Based on the Instagram page @ssyifasalma, Friday (29/7/2022), Cipa can be seen regularly uploading OOTD photos to selfies like most kids her age.

In the Instagram bio that already has 76 thousand followers, Cipa also wrote his profile as manager of @dewizuhriati @opah_faisal.

Not only followed by the accounts of Haji Faisal and Dewi Zuhriati, Fuji and Atta Halilintar also followed their Instagram.

Here are some beautiful portraits of Cipa on her Instagram, quoted on Friday (29/7/2022):

1.Syifa Salma or Cipa often accompany Haji Faisal and Dewi Zuhriati to work on certain endorsement content. One of them is jeans products. He was no less fashionable when he took pictures with Fuji’s mother.

Syifa Salma is Haji Faisal’s assistant. (Photo: NBCNEWS.LIVE/Instagram @ssyifasalma)

2.Cipa also regularly posts OOTD photos which are quite fashionable on his Instagram feed. In fact, he also often wears sunglasses as must-have accessories when taking OOTD photos.

Syifa Salma is Haji Faisal’s assistant. (Photo: NBCNEWS.LIVE/Instagram @ssyifasalma)


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