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Introduced in the 4th episode of Game of Thrones, Bronn quickly became one of the funniest and brashest characters among an ensemble cast unlike anything fans of the fantasy genre have ever seen. Played by the brilliant Jerome Flynn, his exploits with the Lannisters also made him an unlikely ally too.

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Fans of the hit series may never have a character like this in the upcoming House of the Dragon, but he will always be there for anyone who wants to rewatch the iconic HBO series. And across the 8 seasons, he delivered some of the most memorable quotes throughout the entire series.


10 Bronn Says It Like It Is

“I like you, pampered little shit that you are. I just like myself more.”

After the 4th season opened up with the death of King Joffrey at the purple wedding, Tyrion was accused of the murder, with Cersei and her father rallying everyone against him. While looking for combatants who could fight for him, Bronn visited him in prison, but not with the news he hoped.

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This quote shows that despite his many exploits with the Lannister sibling and banter, he showed that not even he would bend to his wit and charm. And in a world filled with selfish rulers, Bronn demonstrates that he knows how to save his own skin in the deadly game of kings and queens.

9 Bronn Loves A Drink

“Now go drink until you feel like you did the right thing.”

Since the two men met Shae, they all shared a common interest in wine and telling stories, revealing some of their best and worst attributes. But in order to protect her, Tyrion orders Bronn to escort Shae safely out of Westeros before anyone discovers their romance.

During the wedding day of Joffrey and Margery, Bronn tells Tyrion to drink to forget his troubles. This may initially seem like a funny line for a dire situation, but this also shows to the audience that he knows the hardships of decision-making and how challenging it is to try and do the right thing in a cruel world. This was just one of many reasons why fans loved Ser Bronn The Blackwater.

8 Always Quick With A Quip

“Careful now. We don’t want to get blood all over your pretty white cloak.”

Season 2 would see the Starks and the Lannisters battle it out after the death of Ned Stark, who acted as the Hand of the King before being publicly beheaded. And Sansa would be punished for her brother’s victories if it weren’t for Tyrion stepping in to help her.

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Striding by his side, Bronn has never been one to become a soldier, ridiculing those who have in public. And even before he draws his sword out, he can use his quips to knock their confidence down a peg or two.

7 Despite His Humor, He’s A Brave Fighter

“If someone follows me without invitation, I’m the last person they see.”

goth, Peter Dinklage, Jerome Flynn

As Joffrey and Margery’s wedding was underway, Tyrion and Bronn chatted among themselves as they walked through the afterparty before audiences would be treated to one of the iconic moments of season 4. Fans were treated to another great moment between these two unlikely friends which leads to this great quote.

Unable to hide any subtleties and politeness, Bronn shows just how unnecessarily brutal he can be. Growing up with no manners nor social etiquette, Bronn continued to show how little he truly cares about the rules of the fancy folk, embracing his own independence.

6 Bronn Recognizes Staying Alive Is More Important

“You waste time trying to get people to love you, you’ll end up the most popular dead person in town.”


Season 3 proved to feature many dramatic story arcs for the main cast of characters. This was especially true with Tyrion, who was in a forced arranged marriage with Sansa Stark, who turned to Bronn for some advice about the inevitable event.

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Bronn may not be liked by many in Westeros, but his wisdom speaks true as he doesn’t waste effort to try and attract people. Throughout the show, he sticks to this quote as he eventually only opens up his friendship to one other Lannister sibling.

5 Bronn’s Lack Of Family

“… you wouldn’t have known him.”

After Bronn fought for Tyrion at the Eyrie, they would both eventually meet Tyrion’s father as he battled against Robb Stark’s army. During an introduction, Bronn would skip the formalities, knowing full well the lack of recognition his family has around the kingdom.

But he never once shows disappointment for the lack of his father’s name set in stone or sets his eyes for glory like some of the other characters who proudly wear the name of their families like armour. He knows his own worth and doesn’t waste any time telling anyone that with confidence, and unlike most of the characters, this means he would survive to the end of the 1st season and beyond.

4 Bronn And Tyrion’s Friendship Helped Define Them Both

“I saw you kill a man with a shield. You’ll be unstoppable with an axe.”

Game of Thrones Bronn and Tyrion

As Tyrion gets preparations underway to protect King’s Landing from Stannis Baratheon’s fleet to claim the throne for himself, Bronn assists him with getting him ready and joining the fight himself. As he helps Tyrion with preparations, he reminded him and fans of the brutal killing Tyrion did to an opposing soldier with a shield in the previous season.

But this is more than just a quote to remind audiences of previous events. It also shows how close the two have become over the years and that even if he only sees Tyrion as a walking source of gold, he knows him well enough to boost his confidence. And it was this and other moments that made this one of the best episodes from the 2nd season.

3 He Takes Pleasure In The Finer Things, When He Gets Them

“I still enjoy it when they call me “My Lord.”

After her long journey to become the Queen of the world, Daenerys Targaryen finally landed in Westeros and quickly shook the surrounding kingdoms as they faced the Mother of Dragons. In order to prepare, Jamie is accompanied by Bronn to claim the wealth from the Tyrell family.

Finally given the title of a lord after years of being ridiculed as a hired killer, Bronn shows that not even he is immune to the impact that money and a title can have on one’s ego. Whether he’s aware of it or not, he revels in the joy of the results from his long and hard-working road to success in this particular working relationship.

2 Bronn Bluntly Says It How It Is

“Well…he did.”


Through out Game of Thrones, Tyrion has been accused of multiple crimes that he never committed. One of those was for the attempted murder of Bran Stark, but his luck would eventually turn as Bronn fought for him and would start their friendship.

Fighting against a noble knight, Bronn was able to kill him by using the skills of a cut-throat. Knowing his status and the distaste everyone has for it, he wears it like the armor of all the fallen knights before him that saw him survive from one fight to the next.

1 Despite Appearances, He Is A Survivalist Who Always Thinks Things Through

“That explains the golden hand.”

In an attempt to save Mycella Baratheon, Jamie Lannister sets off on a secret mission to retrieve her. And Bronn tagged along with him after he nearly got himself a castle and title of his own.

As Jamie confidently tells him about his improvisational skills to sneak inside a foreign kingdom, Bronn reminds him of just how little the king’s hand has learned from his past mistakes. This quote also shows how Bronn never dives into a situation without a plan or some way of gaining an advantage, making him a smart and tough unmovable force.

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