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Warning: This article contains spoilers for Season 3 of Virgin River on Netflix.

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Virgin River has rapidly gained popularity in recent years and has already been renewed for a fourth and fifth season. Season 4 premieres on Netflix on July 20, 2022. The show is inspired by Robyn Carr’s book series. The characters in the books and series are written with great depth and intriguing storylines.

While Mel and Jack are undergoing new dramas in Season 4, there are a number of others too Virgin River characters could carry their spin-off series. Dangerous secrets, new career paths and forbidden love can change their future or dig up their past. Whether the spin-off takes place in Virgin River whether a particular character follows into a new setting, there are many directions the franchise could take.



Lizzie in Virgin River

Lizzie brought youthful, rebellious energy to the series from the moment she arrived in Virgin River. Although Lizzie’s romance with Ricky didn’t seem like a big deal to her at first, she experienced a lot of growth throughout the third season and was completely taken aback and heartbroken by Ricky’s decision to enlist in the Marines.

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While the trailer makes it look like Lizzie will be staying in Virgin River for season 4, she’s originally from LA, and with her ex-boyfriend Parker and her parents still living in Los Angeles, there’s always a chance she could be retired. to her glamorous hometown. It would be interesting to see her dynamics with her parents, and how she sees city life differently after living in the Virgin River.


Ricky on Virgin River wears a helmet for the Lumberjack Games.

Since the first season of Virgin RiverRicky has talked about how he plans to join the Marines after high school. In the third season, he lets Preacher know that he is not taking this decision lightly as it has been his dream since he was a kid. Ricky passes his ASVAB test after keeping his studies and physical training a secret from everyone important in his life, including Lizzie.

After his messy breakup with Lizzie, Ricky needs a fresh start, so he travels across the country and begins his basic education in South Carolina. The training is tough but rewarding. However, when his grandmother falls ill, Ricky is pulled back to Virgin River and forced to face Lizzie.


Preacher on Virgin River looks concerned.

After sacrificing a job as a chef at a San Francisco restaurant, Preacher continues to support Jack at the bar, while caring for Paige’s son Christopher in season three. Preacher’s selflessness makes him one of the best characters Virgin River, but it could also endanger his life. The shocking finale of the third season left Preacher drugged and passed out in the woods.

While disabled, Preacher is triggered by flashbacks to his time in Iraq with Jack, Brady and Mike. Throughout the series, there have been many innuendo about the questionable decisions the other Marines made during their time in the Middle East, fueling resentment towards Brady and the culprit of Jack’s PTSD. Through a series of flashbacks, this spin-off would show what happened to Mike, Brady, Jack and Preacher when they were stationed abroad together.


Paige (Michelle) looks concerned at Virgin River.

Lots of shows like Liars with main characters who are missing for a long time. The challenges the missing characters endure in their absence create a mystery that looms over their character and the series. After Paige (formerly Michelle) killed her abusive ex-husband in self-defense, she fled town because she didn’t want her ex-husband’s twin brother, Vince, to harm her or her son.

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Following Paige’s terrifying journey while in hiding or on the run from Vince would be an exciting change of pace for Virgin Riverwho would also delve into the complicated nature of Paige’s friend Sally, who drugged and abandoned Preacher, and appeared to support Vince’s sinister plan to break into Preacher’s house and sneak into the darkness, waiting to find Connie and attack Christopher.


Tara on Virgin River.

The sudden diagnosis and rapid loss of Lilly has deeply affected everyone Virgin River, especially her daughters, Tara and Chloe. The financial burden of the family farm could have made it difficult for Tara to raise her sister Chloe in her hometown, but luckily Mel made a secret donation that changed everything.

As Connie always says, “You need a village to raise a kid,” and this spin-off would explore how the Virgin River community gathers around Tara, helps raise Chloe, and keeps the farm going. The show is said to feature flashbacks to Tara’s childhood and how her epilepsy affects her ability to raise her sister. This show would be a compelling family drama, with a lighter tone than Virgin River.


Charmaine with Todd on Virgin River.

However far from Virgin River, Charmaine is still deeply rooted in the small town where she grew up. Despite acknowledging how Todd can control her life, Charmaine still agrees to marry him. They move to a large house in Eureka and continue to fight Jack for custody of Charmaine’s unborn children, even though the twins’ paternity has yet to be established.

Seeing the world from Charmaine’s perspective, this series explores how her parents’ relationship affects her twisted view of love, and how not all toxic relationships start the same way. As Charmaine progresses through her pregnancy, the twins’ paternity and health will be questioned, and Charmaine will have to reevaluate what’s best for her and her children, even if that means moving to Portland.


Joey is texting Mel on Virgin River.

Mel’s sister Joey is one of the most underrated characters, especially since she lives in Los Angeles. After losing her family’s home in a devastating divorce, Joey shrinks from home and decides to spend the summer with Mel in Virgin River. She takes her kids with her and Joey begins to intrigue with the small-town charm. Despite some moans from her children, she decides to stay in the small town.

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Watching an out-of-town mom settle into small-town life can be just as entertaining as Heart of Dixie. While Joey supports Mel during her pregnancy, they were able to share childhood memories. Although Mel loves Joey, her constant presence can stress Mel until Joey meets a charming man at the Lumberjack Games or some other traditional city event.

Doc & Hope

Doc and Hope smile at each other on Virgin River.

After being away from Hope for so long and nearly losing her in a car accident, Doc goes out of his way to help her recover, which is why he’s one of the most lovable characters on the planet. Virgin River. While Hope tries to regain memories from her recent traumatic brain injury, Doc asks the residents of Virgin River to share photos, videos, and stories of their favorite memories with Hope.

This spin-off miniseries offers a deep dive into how Doc and Hope met, their love story and all the many challenges they faced as a couple, including Doc’s affair with Charmaine’s mother and his newly arrived grandson, Dennie. Flashbacks are said to provide a rare glimpse into the lives of Virgin River residents around the time Doc and Hope began their relationship.


Brie on Virgin River.

Jack’s sister, Brie, went through a tremendous amount of trauma in the third season, and by the finale, she was ready to pack up and go somewhere no one knew her. The only person who really kept her in town was Brady, but after she witnessed him being arrested for allegedly shooting her brother Jack, Brie begins to question everything she knew about him.

Brie decides to stay in Virgin River for a while and eventually enters therapy on Mel’s advice. As she begins to heal, Brie realizes she can help other women who have faced similar challenges by representing them in court. She takes Brady’s motorcycle while he’s in prison and leaves town. It’s not clear where she’s going first, but when she arrives, she’ll finally be able to get closure.


Mike interrogates Brady on Virgin River.

After the gun that Jack shot was put in Brady’s car, Brady is arrested and thrown in jail. He doesn’t know what the future holds, but when he is left to his actions, he has flashbacks of all his bad decisions. Brady thinks about his childhood growing up with nothing, his time in Iraq that caused his fellow Marines to resent him, and his time with Calvin.

Facing his demons in prison, Brady writes a novel based on his life and hopes to uncover new details about Jack’s real shooter. If he gets out of prison alive, Brady’s book might be what he needs to win back Brie, save his lumber business, and get out of debt.

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