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After the official announcement of A piece publisher Shueisha that the manga will end after the current storyline, one of the main questions circulating within Straw Hat Pirates fans was when exactly the ending will come. Of course, creator Eiichiro Oda’s recent comments about the end date have sparked a frenzied response from fans on social media.

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In addition to including A piece Chapter 1034, Shonen Jump #34 also contains an interesting conversation between A piece creator Eiichiro Oda and Gosho Aoyama, creator of the equally iconic Detective Conan manga. As the two manga artists discuss a range of issues, there is one topic that is close to the… A piece The heart of fans is Oda’s comments about when he provides A piece is finally coming to an end. Indeed, given that the current Wano Country storyline has been going on since 2018, news is that: A piece will end at the end of the next storyline offers little or no clarity. According to fans’ analysis, this means that the manga can go on indefinitely as long as the storyline continues.


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Perhaps feeling what fans have been thinking about the randomness of the timeline for the end of the series, in conversation with Aoyama, Oda states that A pieceThe final saga will come somewhere between three and five years. Oda goes on to argue that he can’t give a definitive date because he’s been used to giving a possible end date to get to that point and realize that there are many more stories to tell. Of course, Oda’s statement has sparked a lot of reactions from the fans. On the one hand, for some fans, it provides about the same amount of clarity, or lack thereof, as Shueisha’s official announcement.

For other fans, the big news is the fact that A piece will end regardless of the date of the last chapter.

However, for a cohort of manga fans, no love will be lost with A piece‘Sending. Indeed, they seem to prefer Oda’s three-year plan over Shueisha’s five-year plan.

Still, most fans understand that the end is near and embrace it with open, albeit bittersweet arms.

While Oda’s statements don’t add much transparency and finality about when fans can expect A piece to end, what it does make forcefully clear is that: A piece will end sometime in the not-too-distant future. While this may be a cause for rejoicing for those who are just not that into the series, for most manga fans, the fact that A piece his end is cause for mourning, no matter when that end comes.

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