ex-marine plotted to create ‘white ethnic state’ through rape, court documents say – NBCNEWS

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A Police officer allegedly helped a US Marine buy illegal weapons that the Marine intended to use to commit cruel hate crimes: an American story.

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In fact, this has been very quintessentially America since earlier this month, every House Republican voted against an amendment to a bill that would require investigations into white supremacist and neo-Nazi activities in the military and federal law enforcement.

It’s almost like they don’t care about white supremacists infiltrating the US military or the FBI— or they just don’t think it’s a real concern.


According to NBC NewsMatthew Belangera former Marine who was fired last year for “other than honorable” misconduct, “specifically for dissident/extremist activities”-has been charged with gun violations and could face up to 20 years in prison if convicted. But that’s far from the most horrifying and disturbing part of this story.

Last month, a lawsuit was filed in the US District Court for Hawaii alleging that Belanger paid a Long Island, New York police officer to buy him illegal firearms while he was still serving as a Marine in Honolulu. This led to an investigation by the FBI, which suspected Belanger was planning an attack on a New York synagogue and the people who practice their faith there.

“The investigation was based on evidence that the accused used social media to conspire with others, including members of a group called Rapekrieg, to… commit hate crimes,” the court said.

Now we’re at the most gruesome part. Content Warning: Rape, Anti-Semitism, Infanticide.

The filing went on to describe how the aptly named Rapekrieg group “procured weapons, uniforms and tactical equipment, and discussed committing attacks on a synagogue, Jewish persons, women and minorities, including the rape of “enemies” in order to injuring, oppressing, threatening and intimidating, and the rape of white women to increase the production of white children in furtherance of Rapekrieg’s goal of creating a white ethnostate through accelerators.”

Members of the group identified Belanger as their leader and the author of a graphic manifesto.

“Rape, for example, is an extremely effective tool against our many enemies, as using it verbally as a threat or directly against an individual greatly diminishes the enemy’s morale and sows nameless fear in their hearts,” the court said. documents. “While this is especially effective against women, the emasculated cesspool of progressive men is just as affected, because they are inherently effeminate themselves.”

“If you doubt your ability to pull the trigger on a Jewish child, you are mentally unprepared for the level of violence that the collapse of the first world will bring,” said another contributor. the manifesto. “To be successful in this struggle for survival, the white man must learn to hate and see red the moment he lays his eyes on a member of the race who has inflicted unspeakable horrors on his people.”

To make all those injuries worse, Belanger even had the pronounced caucasity to try and drag black people into his Nazi nonsense.

According to NBC, Belanger reportedly had a Twitter account that he used “to generate black hatred towards the Jewish community by making derogatory statements while disguised as a Jewish man.” (Belanger may not be aware that all racist whites are pretty much the same to us.)

From NBC:

Rapekrieg members are said to have been training with real firearms once a year since 2017. They also trained with airsoft guns in woods opposite a Long Island synagogue that they initially planned to “shoot,” the documents said.

Later, they “decided that burning it down at night with Molotov cocktails was a better plan,” according to the FBI.

So, since these are clearly people who are not allowed to live and breathe with the general public’s gambling, the prosecutors requested that the judge presiding over Belanger’s case request that he be kept behind bars pending trial.

“Since a prison sentence would force the accused to reside with members of racial and ethnic groups for whom he has expressed extreme hatred and whose existence he has advocated to be eliminated by force… shows that the accused runs the risk of not appearing or flee that cannot be reasonably mitigated by any condition or combination of conditions,” prosecutors argued.

Apparently the court agreed and rejected Belanger’s request for release.

If only white supremacists were labeled critical race theory. The Republicans would certainly have voted differently.


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