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It’s been three long years, but Ed Sheeran is back at the top of Billboard’s monthly Top Tours chart with $60 million in revenue from 12 shows in June. According to figures reported to Billboard Boxscore, the English troubadour’s Mathematics Tour grossed $63.8 million and sold 750,000 tickets throughout the month.

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After a soft launch in a few theaters and clubs in Dublin and London, the tour got off to a good start on April 23 with two nights at Dublin’s Croke Park, stadiums across Ireland and the UK every weekend since then.

Sheeran’s June shows were highlighted by a multi-weekend run at London’s Wembley Stadium, earning $37.2 million from 420,000 tickets over five nights, the highest Boxscore total of any artist to date in 2022. (These shows are #1 on the June Top Box Scores chart with $29.3 million and 331,000 tickets. The final performance on July 1 counts toward the July charts.)

That five-show run is improving from his last trip to Wembley, up 3% in gross per night from his four-show haul in June 2018. But after months of soaring Boxscore revenue due to inflamed ticket prices in North America, Sheeran’s higher grossing gross profits come despite a drop in average ticket prices from $96 in 2018 to $83 at his recent London shows. He simply sells more tickets than on his record-breaking The Divide Tour, moving an average of 89,000 tickets in London every night, compared to 75,000 during his previous run.

Sheeran’s moderate pricing is down to two things: the artist and the location. Sheeran herself was aware of maintaining affordable tickets on The Divide Tour, setting stadium prices below $100 and taking anti-scalp measures on the spot. And despite a surge through dynamic pricing and VIP elevators in the US, prices in Europe have remained comparably modest, significantly lower abroad for Dua Lipa, Billie Eilish and despite an upgrade to stadiums, Elton John.

The Mathematics Tour is one of seven European arena and stadium tours in the top 10 in June. Sheeran is followed by the multi-generational mix of John, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Harry Styles, Def Leppard & Mötley Crüe, Queen + Adam Lambert and Eilish.

billboard box score

After an almost exclusively North American-led fall and spring, international venues have unofficially returned to the Boxscore charts, crowning the Top Boxscores rankings via Sheeran’s Wembley shows and three of the five Top Venues charts of the month.

Wembley Stadium would have been number 1 in Top Stadiums of just the four Sheeran shows, but secured the monthly win with two additional Harry Styles dates on June 18-19. In total, the venue grossed $43.8 million and sold 478,000 tickets in just six shows from the pair of British hitmakers.

Styles’ double-header in London takes the number 6 spot on Top Boxscores and his entire run of eight shows in June places him at number 5 on Top Tours with $39.6 million, packed between $39.9 million from the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Def. Leppard & Mötley Crüe’s $39.3 million at numbers 4 and 6 respectively.

billboard box score

billboard box score

On the Top Venues map for rooms with a capacity of 15,001 or more, London repeats itself with the O2 Arena on pole position. The legendary hall not only ranks #1, but leads its next closest competitor, New York’s also iconic Madison Square Garden, by a dazzling 4.5 to 1 margin.

The arena’s monthly total of $41.7 million is the highest monthly gross for an arena since Billboard’s monthly Boxscore charts launched in early 2019, surpassing MSG’s $27.3 million gross in February. Furthermore, it is the third highest monthly total for any venue, after two screenings by Wembley Stadium ($47.7 million in June 2019 is the all-time high, followed by revenue of $43.8 million this month).

The O2’s super-charged June show comes from 23 shows over the 30-day period, including 16 by Queen + Adam Lambert (10 nights) and Eilish (six). The former grossed $22.7 million (No. 2 on Top Boxscores) and the latter grossed $10 million (No. 9), placing these various acts at Nos. 9-10 on Top Tours respectively.

billboard box score

billboard box score

London occupies half of the top 10 Top Box Scores, scoring a fifth appearance via the Chili Peppers at number 5. The rockers earned $14.7 million from 142,000 tickets June 25-26 at London Stadium.

In more stadium news on Top Boxscores, MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ is ranked 7-8 with Coldplay (June 4-5) and Paul McCartney (June 16), respectively. Both Britons earned more than $13 million at the New York location, making it the third location to double in the top 10. Overall, MetLife is the #2 in Top Stadiums grossing $26.2 million from the three shows.

In addition to Coldplay and McCartney, Kenny represents Chesney for North American tours, bringing in $30.4 million at number 8 on Top Tours. His Here and Now Tour launched on April 23, moved from its original route for 2020. In any other month, Chesney would comfortably be in the top five as there have never been more than four $30 million tours in one month, led by P!nk in July 2019.

Even deeper in the graph, the saturation of high earners continues. There are a record 12 tours at $20 million, surpassing the previous record of nine (March 2022).

billboard box score

billboard box score


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