Clarence Thomas Quits Teaching Law School Seminar After Students Demanded His Removal – NBCNEWS

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sSupreme Court Uncle Fruckus prototype Clarence Thomas has canceled plans to hold a seminar at George Washington University’s law school this fall after being “cancelled” by students who didn’t want him there because of the way he helped promote reproductive rights. of women to “cancel”. rights and suggested the cancellation of other civil rights protections, except the one that allows him to remain married to his QKaron wife.

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According to the school’s student newspaper, GW BijlJudge Gregory E. Maggs of the United States Armed Forces Court of Appeals, and a fellow lecturer at the university, sent an email announcing that Thomas was withdrawing from teaching the seminar on Wednesday.

“Unfortunately, I am writing with sad news: Judge Thomas has informed me that he will not be available to co-host the seminar this fall,” Maggs wrote. “I know this is disappointing. I’m very sorry.”

Not sure who Maggs is apologizing to here. I suppose there are plenty of conservative students who are fans of black justice who place the “supreme” in white supremacy. he certainly doesn’t apologize to the crowd of students who probably had their whoopee pads and spitball shooters ready for Thomas’s arrival. I also love how Maggs wrote that Thomas was just “unavailable” — as if he had plans to play a sunken place golf tournament or some other scheduling conflict — when he actually withdrew from the seminar because so many students sent him there. didn’t want to have.

In fact, according to the Washington Postthousands of students had signed a petition calling for Thomas to be removed from law school.

From the message:

Thomas’ critics on Wednesday celebrated the news that the judge was withdrawing from his curricula.

“This is a huge win,” said Jon Kay, who helped organize the petition. The 20-year-old GWU junior from South Orange, NJ, majoring in international affairs and philosophy, said he was surprised to learn that Thomas was retiring. Groups of students had planned demonstrations in the fall, he said, assuming Thomas would teach. “We’ll keep working to make sure he doesn’t come back in the spring semester,” Kay said.

In June, university officials defended Thomas against the students who wanted him gone. his legal views.”

After the announcement that Thomas was retiring, at least one GWU law professor, Jonathan Turley, loved it. Turley called the decision “deeply worrying” and the result of a “cancellation campaign” at the university.

“Justice Thomas has been teaching this course for many years and our students have benefited greatly from his insights and his experiences,” Turley wrote in an email. “He is known as someone who enjoys interacting with students and has often shown a lot of interest in their careers. This is a huge loss for our school.”

Yeah, you know what else it took “many years” before it succumbed to a Supreme Court “cancellation campaign”? Women’s right to decide what to do with their own bodies.

Meanwhile, Maggs assured the students that the seminar “has not been canceled, but I will now be the sole instructor.”

“For those of you who are still interested in taking the course, I assure you that we will make the best of the new situation,” he continued.


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