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When guest star Joe Walsh appeared as Aldo’s ne’er-do-well dad in The Conners season 4, few viewers expected him to have a worthwhile take on his son’s relationship with Harris — but Aldo’s father managed to sum up their biggest problem in one conversation. Harris’s relationship with Aldo is not the most tumultuous one in the history of The Conners, but it is a fairly mismatched pairing. Harris is a rebellious but ambitious nineteen-year-old, whereas her boyfriend Aldo is twice her age, has three children, and has no interest in self-improvement. Here’s Aldo’s dad in The Conners‘ advice explained.

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Despite this, Harris and Aldo have managed to make it through The Conners season 4 with less trouble than Ben and Darlene’s romance (messy as it is), which has dominated the show’s serious storylines. That said, the couple is still doomed, as proven by Aldo’s dad The Conners. Played by Joe Walsh, Aldo’s father used his first appearance on The Conners both to argue against them staying together and to prove that the pairing was a bad idea.

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His season 4 introduction made Aldo’s dad The Conners‘unlikeliest source of relationship advice. Jesse (played by Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh) with Harris’ grandfather Dan, and a combination of his demeanor and his arguments soon convinced John Goodman’s character that the pair were a poor match. Jesse’s argument was not rooted in the fact that Aldo is older, but that he is limited in his ambition and maturity. It is a fair point, and the failure of Jesse’s own marriage is proof that their relationship is doomed. While Dan losing Roseanne made him a better father on The Connersthe character was always a stabilizing influence on his more chaotic partner, whereas both Harris and Aldo are free-spirited firebrands who won’t temper each other’s worst impulses.

Why Aldo’s Dad Has A Point About Aldo And Harris

When it came to the introduction of Aldo’s dad, The Conners heated up the intensity of the conversation as the episode progressed. When Jesse warned Dan that Aldo’s first wife was less the victim of addiction and more the victim of Aldo’s immaturity, his inability to raise their “creepy children,” and the rest of the pressures that led to her drug reliance, he was right to protect Harris from this fate. When Jesse went on to outline how he also drove his wife to psychosis, this only underlined the fact that Aldo and his father are trapped in a cycle of poor parenting and subsequent immaturity that Harris can’t pull him out of but in which she will inevitably join him. Much like The Conners season 4 Mark plot, the show’s earlier storyline about Becky’s alcoholism highlighted how much the family environment can contribute to addictive behaviors, and Jesse’s point about how Aldo is prone to shirking responsibility and making terrible decisions was mirrored in Jesse’s own bad life choices.

Dan was left with little reason to believe that Harris and Aldo could somehow break this cycle, particularly when Harris’s insistence that she and Aldo would make their relationship work was rooted more in anger at him and Jesse than anything else. Jesse’s life (or at least, the little bit of that viewers heard about) was a dire warning for Harris, telling The Conners supporting star that the same fate which befell Jesse and Aldo’s wives was soon in store for her. Despite this, Aldo and Harris remained together, for now, ensuring The Conners has another messy couple to join Ben and Darlene’s dysfunctional ranks.

Aldo And Harris’ Breakup Proved Aldo’s Dad Was Right

Aldo and Harris at Dan and Louise's wedding The Conners season 4

Aldo’s dad on The Conners provided some words of wisdom despite the character’s haphazard approach to life, as evidenced by their pre-wedding breakup in the season 4 finale. Both Aldo and Harris have less-than-stellar methods when it comes to dealing with marriage based on the relationships that Harris has seen growing up and Aldo’s own first failed marriage – it’s no accident that their breakup happens while planning part of a triple wedding. Their stances on having children were another catalyst for the breakdown in their relationship. Aldo’s unconsulted amendment of their wedding registry to a baby shower in The Conners‘ season 4 finale, “A Judge and A Priest Walk Into A Living Room…,” effectively ended the relationship as Harris isn’t ready for kids, so it’s a pretty direct demonstration of the poor decision-making about which Aldo’s dad forewarned them . The two share similarly chaotic natures that ultimately drove them apart, meaning that Aldo’s dad ended up right about their relationship on The Conners. Harris did well to avoid being dragged down by her boyfriend’s lack of maturity and motivation, and this should set her up for some interesting character development in The Conners season 5.

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