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Now that summer is almost over and the Back-to-School season is upon us, let’s highlight some of the most iconic educators and teachers who have ever graced the classroom with cartoons and animations. Since most animation programs and movies aim to summarize the childhood experience of getting an education, there have been a plethora of memorable old mentors and teachers, ranging from unlikely but insightful masters to unwilling public school administrators. . These characters are able to combine the responsibilities of a full-time educator with standout, iconic personalities in their own right, in varying degrees of heightened sympathy and comedy.

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Professor Owl in Disney’s Adventures in Music (1953)

Owls have traditionally been portrayed as the wisest and most knowledgeable of all forest creatures, but Professor Owl (originally voiced by Bill Thompson) specializes in giving the most essential education a bird can receive to its fellow fowl; an understanding of music. Featured in Walt Disney‘s Adventures in music series of short films, including the Academy Award-winning Toot, Whistle, Plunk and Boom, Professor Uil gives his students spirited lectures not only about the history and mechanics of music, but also about appreciation for the medium in all its forms. Professor Owl is perhaps best known to 90s kids in the role of host in the Sing-along songs from Disney series of VHS tapes, in which he introduces compilations of classic Disney songs with his own unique narration.

Mr Simmons in Hey Arnold (1996–2004)

The best lesson consistently taught by Nickelodeon’s Hey Arnold is compassion for people society takes for granted, whether they’re eccentric guest house tenants or bizarre neighborhood crazies from an urban legend. One of the notable recurring characters who helped teach this lesson, among other general studies on PS 118, is the good-hearted Mr. Simmons (Dan Butler). In a tough downtown public school, Simmons can be seen as having an overly sentimental push about whose kindness and generosity are mistaken for weakness by the students and even fellow educators. What has endeared Simmons to most of the series, amid a revolving door of one-off characters, is his presence in and outside the classroom as a gentle heart who truly gives his all and only the best for his students, who in turn thanks to him as young people grow. For many of the misfits and misguided students of PS 118, Simmons may be the only guiding voice they have.

mr. Crocker in The Fairly Odd Parents (2001-2017)

Kid-oriented cartoons love to position older authority figures (teachers, parents, babysitters) as the villains who ruin the fun of childhood. The weird fairies parents took the presumptuous archetype of the teacher and amplified it to an obsessively insane degree with the creation of Denzel Crocker. voiced by Carlos AlazraquicCrocker enjoys the suffering of children by giving them fail after fail, especially Timmy Turner with the teeth and the pink hat (Tara Strong). What has elevated Crocker to an utter villain is his constant attempts to capture and expose the existence of Timmy’s FAIRY! GOD! PARENTS!!! As an educator, Crocker is a glutton for dishing out academic punishment, but as a villain, he alone has raised the stakes on the series’ status quo on many occasions with his plots to ruin Timmy’s life and rule the world.

Master Shifu in Kung Fu Panda (2008)

They say that under a great master the student will eventually become the teacher. In DreamWorks’ Kung Fu Panda trilogy, the often grumpy Master Shifu (Dustin Hoffman) himself learns a lot of wisdom in taking on the impossible task of destroying the chubby fanboy panda Po (jacket black) in the Dragon Warrior master of Kung Fu. With every new skill or technique he tries to teach his panda student, Po masters tenfold what Shifu was capable of, making him eager to learn from his own student. In addition, Shifu’s journey through the three feature films shows that even though one believes he has learned all there is to learn and has a confident grasp of his own abilities, you never stop learning and the greatest lessons come from humility and shattered expectations. .

Joe Gardner in Soul (2020)

Pixars Soul takes on gig jazz musician and high school band teacher Joe Gardner (Jamie Foxx) on a journey through space and time for a cosmic change of perspective to learn that life is worth living, but even before his soul-changing adventure, Joe learns that inspiration is an important element of music and life in general. is. Joe’s entire existence revolves around music and his devotion to it turns into enthusiasm among students who often view him as the reason they pursue their musical ambitions. While Joe didn’t pursue a full-fledged career in education and would rather make himself a star, there’s no denying that he is a guiding hand for his students who have learned more from him than just music.

Mung Daal in Chowder (2007–2010)

Cooking master and surrogate father of young cooking apprentice Chowder (Nicky Jones), mustachioed chef Mung Daal is the eccentric old mentor in the tradition of archetypal characters such as King Arthur’s Merlin or The karate kid‘s Mr. Miyagi. voiced by Dwight Schultz, Mung runs his own catering business as the self-proclaimed greatest chef in Marzipan City and irresistible lady’s man. Cooking in Marzipan City is far from mundane, as most dishes require a jack of all trades to whip up a buffet of fantastically outlandish dishes, including everything from bomb spread and barbershop singing. Mung sees every new dish ordered from the catering company as an opportunity to instill in Chowder what it takes to become a great chef, even if he isn’t himself.

All Might in My Hero Academia (2016–present)

With the concept of a high school for superheroes, My Hero Academia has no shortage of memorable super-powered teachers, from Present Mic to Eraser Head, but one of them holds a candle to the most infectiously ambitious teacher/hero of them all. All Might, the once most powerful and popular superhero in the world, juggles guiding Izuku ‘Deku’ Midoryia as his successor to his power ‘One for All’ and as a staff teacher at UA High School. His greatest quality as an educator is the variety of teaching methods he uses in alternating between teaching his one student and an entire class. He can go from seditious and morale-boosting to stern and impartial in the blink of an eye. While he may no longer be the unwavering symbol of peace, he’s still an electrically effective educator.

Mrs. Puff in SpongeBob SquarePants (1999–present)

In his 23 years on the air, SpongeBob (Tom Kenny) has yet to get his driver’s license. Although he is a skilled deep-fryer, his driving skills are hilariously catastrophic, leaving Bikini Bottom’s roads in utter disarray on many occasions. The biggest victim of SpongeBob’s motorized chaos would be driving instructor, Mrs. Puff (Mary Jo Catlett). While Puff is able to teach competently and certified nearly every other student in her class, SpongeBob’s incompetence forces her to desperate measures and causes her huge medical costs. Despite being a living airbag, she takes the brunt of supervising SpongeBob behind the wheel. Even at the cost of her own physical well-being and sanity, Mrs. Puff continues to learn to drive SpongeBob every season like a truly dedicated teacher, whether she likes it or not.

Springfield Elementary Staff in The Simpsons (1989–present)

For a school nestled in the heart of the dysfunctional suburb of Springfield, USA, so too is the packed grounds of proud underachiever and troublemaker Bart Simpson (Nancy Cartwright), Springfield Elementary has an entire faculty of wonderfully cynical administrators and teachers who appropriately satirize the ebb and flow of a typical public school day. Mrs Krabappel (Marcia Wallace), one of the most important figures of authority in Bart’s life, tries to do justice to the class with a mocking chatter and a sharp tongue befitting the 10-year-old Rebel, while also comparing him to his attitude. Miss Hoover (Maggie Roswell) relentlessly waits the clock with an extraordinary demeanor and lesson plan impervious to the bookworm-like eagerness of her top student, Lisa Simpson (Yeardley Smith). The muscular Scottish Groundskeeper Willie (Dan Castellaneta) has arguably the greatest passion for his job of anyone on campus, scrubbing the toilets and mowing the lawns with an unhinged love for the craft. Perhaps the most iconic of Springfield’s educators, the “steamed ham” stove itself Principal Seymour Skinner (Harry Shearer) rules Springfield Elementary with a firm grip and iron fist that serves as the perfect foil for Bart and a major exaggeration of the kind of selfish educator most of us know.

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