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The Jeje Slebew controversy (instagram/jejelinces)

NBCNEWS.LIVE – Just on the rise thanks to Citayam Fashion Week, Jeje Slebew ran into controversy. Not only one, the owner of the name Jasmine Laticia reaped several controversies at once.

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Jeje Slebew is a TikTok celebrity who suddenly became popular after the appearance of the Citayam Fashion Week phenomenon. Lately his name often wira-wira on the Internet.

It is undeniable that Jeje Slebew has an attractive cute look. Jeje is even often called Fujianti Utami’s twin or Fuji because they are similar.

Unfortunately, this popularity has to be accompanied by a number of unfortunate controversies. What are the most talked about Jeje Slebew controversies? Let’s listen!

1. Fury at Citayam Fashion Week

The Jeje Slebew controversy (instagram/jejelinces)

Jeje Slebew was furiously sprayed by netizens when he visited the Citayam fashion week in the Sudirman area. This 16-year-old Dara was upset because her way was blocked by fans who asked her to take pictures with them.

“I will take a picture later, but first step aside,” shouted Jeje in a high-pitched voice. He also made hand gestures to get people out of his way.

2. Criticized as an artist

The Jeje Slebew controversy (instagram/jejelinces)

In another video doing the rounds, Jeje Slebew is seen walking like a top celebrity escorted by a bodyguard. The girl who regularly appears on TikTok’s FYP (For Your Page) doesn’t smile at all.

Jeje Slebew’s attitude provoked a sharp reaction from netizens who laughed at him as an artist. Her style is criticized, like a professional model.

3. Call Zombie Fans

The Jeje Slebew controversy (instagram/jejelinces)
The Jeje Slebew controversy (instagram/jejelinces)

Still related to the Citayam Fashion Week disaster incident, Jeje Slebew has attracted controversy this time for calling his fans zombies. It was broadcast live.

“So now there are a lot of zombies below, if you want to see, omg, Jeje was attacked, he was really scared,” said Jeje Slebew, who was quoted on Tuesday (26/07/2022).

4. Vulgar dance

The Jeje Slebew controversy (instagram/jejelinces)
The Jeje Slebew controversy (instagram/jejelinces)

Jeje Slebew’s latest controversy was sparked by an old video showing him dancing vulgarly on the side of the road that went viral. Jeje’s erotic movement with YouTubers has been criticized for being too vulgar and obscene.

In a viral video uploaded by a Twitter celebrity, Jeje Slebew is seen dancing with a number of men. Jeje flaunts her body with minimal clothes

Jeje Slebew’s vulgar dance was watched by many people. It invited oblique comments where netizens called his actions too late and violated moral norms. After all, he is still a minor.

This is the row of Jeje Slebew’s controversy that gained notoriety thanks to the Citayam Fashion Week phenomenon.

Contributor: Chusnul Chotimah


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