Amazing, Indecent Video Jeje Slebew Viral On Twitter

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A TikTok celebrity named Jeje or who is familiarly called Jeje Slebew has again shocked the public after an indecent video went viral on Twitter.

The young woman who went viral because of the Citayem Fashion Week phenomenon then gave a clarification about a number of these videos.

Previously, Jeje Slebew also caused a stir after admitting that he had been raped by his own gardener and did not receive any defense from his family.

Indecent Video Jeje Slebew

According to information circulating, Jeje Slebew’s obscene videos are content produced by Muammar Saddam’s YouTube channel.

The YouTube account is known to often upload adult content that is considered capable of attracting men’s sexual arousal by showing women’s sexiness.

Through his Instagram Story upload, Jeje Slebew explained that the video on Muammar Saddam’s YouTube was old content.

“Hello guys, so it’s getting busy on Twitter trending one, Jeje’s video is circulating with Muammar Saddam, but that video is really long, there’s already Saddam here, so you can’t blaspheme, okay?” Jeje said.

Jeje Slebew and Sadam Apologize

Furthermore, through Reels Muammar Saddam’s upload, both of them also apologized for the viral YouTube upload on social media.

“Okay friends, on behalf of Muammar Saddam and Jeje Slebew I apologize profusely for the incident on Twitter about our video three months ago,” said Saddam.

“Isn’t jeje like..16? come on is still a minor, “said someone who first heard of this case

It was previously known that netizens were furious and could not understand the act of the video maker who invited Jeje to take part in the video. Because Jeje’s age is still underage, and more than one content is created.

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