TOUCHING THE HEART, Ibu Astri brings a will from Aldebaran until Reyna cries and hugs Andin tightly

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Previously Andin accompanied Reyna in the ER, her daughter was conscious but suddenly turned away and refused to be touched.

Andin began to wonder what had happened, why Reyna was behaving like that to him.

Then the nurse moved Reyna to the inpatient room, where Andin and Sal accompanied Alfahri’s daughter.

When Sal asked how Reyna was, Andin’s daughter still wanted to answer.

However, when Andin held Reyna’s hand, her daughter suddenly refused to be touched.

Reyna said she didn’t want Andin to approach her, but Aldebaran’s wife still kept on persuading her daughter.

Reyna instead cried and raged, not wanting to be approached, she even took off the oxygen tube until she felt short of breath.

The nurse came, Andin and Sal were immediately asked to leave and then return if Reyna’s condition had calmed down.

Reyna’s attitude made Andin very devastated, she wanted to accompany her daughter and ask what had happened.

Andin himself had guessed that Reyna’s change in attitude must have something to do with Elsa.

Then Sal asked Andin to stay calm, he would try to talk to Reyna to find out what the real reason was that Andin didn’t want to be approached.

Finally Reyna told Sal that Elsa said Andin had thrown her into an orphanage when she was a baby.

Reyna also asked if it was true that Andin was her biological mother, but Sal admitted that he couldn’t explain everything because Andin himself had the right.

Then Sal conveyed this to Andin, suddenly Aldebaran’s wife fainted unconscious.

After realizing Andin was crying why did Elsa have the heart to poison Reyna’s mind and even say things that are not true.

Andin really wanted to see his daughter but the doctor reminded Aldebaran’s wife to rest because her condition was very weak.

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Possibly, Mama Rosa told Sal all about Reyna’s past and how her granddaughter lived in an orphanage.

Mama Rosa briefly explained that Andin was slandered to kill Roy by Elsa so she had to be in prison while pregnant.

After giving birth, Andin handed Reyna to Elsa to be cared for, but unfortunately Nino’s wife left Reyna in an orphanage.

However, Andin did not know this because Elsa said that Nindy or Reyna had died.

Until finally Aldebaran uncovers all of Elsa’s crimes and Andin finally finds out that Reyna is his biological daughter.

Hearing that story, of course, Sal felt very sorry for Andin, who was constantly hurt by Elsa.

Sal also thought that Reyna would not listen to Andin’s explanation, it would be better if the orphanage administrator would help.

Mama Rosa also agrees with Sal’s opinion, Astri’s mother, the head of the orphanage, knows that what Elsa said to Reyna is not true.

Finally, Mrs. Astri came to the hospital under the pretext of visiting Reyna, and it turned out that Andin’s daughter wanted to meet the person who took care of her first.

On that occasion, Reyna asked whether it was true that Andin had ordered Elsa to leave her in an orphanage.

Astri’s mother then showed her a will from Aldebaran, apparently Andin’s husband already understood that sooner or later Reyna would ask this.

Astri’s mother asked Reyna to read a letter from her father, apparently Aldebaran wrote all the stories about Reyna from a baby and why she was in the orphanage.

In the letter, Aldebaran also asked Reyna never to doubt Andin’s love or even hate.

Reyna finally realized that Elsa had lied, now she believed that Andin couldn’t be that bad.

Astri’s mother then persuaded Reyna to accept Andin as her biological mother and apologized.

Andin entered the room, Reyna suddenly asked her mother to hug.

Reyna quietly apologized for not believing in Andin and even hating her.

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