Tora Sudiro shows photos with his 4 girls on the beach, invites him to Besanan – NBCNEWS

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Tora Sudiro and Mieke Amalia (instagram)

Tora Sudiro shared the excitement of vacation with his beloved family.

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Ade Wismoyo

Monday, 18 July 2022 | 09:02 WIB

NBCNEWS.LIVE – Tora Sudiro is known as an actor who is very close to his children. He also regularly shares exciting moments with his five beautiful daughters.

As recently, Tora uploaded a photo showing him and his wife taking their daughters on vacation at the beach.

In the photo uploaded to his Instagram account, the Nagabonar filmmaker looks shirtless on a monitor accompanied by his wife and four daughters. He hopes that one day he can have a full family vacation, because on that occasion one of his children could not come.

Tora Sudiro and Mieke Amalia (instagram)

“Minus Kaka Bila, hopefully one day you can have a full vacation,” Tora Sudiro wrote.

In the photo, Tora Sudiro’s four children look compact and beautiful. Their charm then made netizens write curious remarks. Some of them even invited Tora Sudiro to bean.

“Uncle Tora, nobody wants to be with my uncle, uncle?” commented on a network user.

The actor then responded with a joke.

Tora Sudiro and Mieke Amalia (instagram)

“Wow, that’s hard … later my son’s surname is Fakhyou,” Tora replied.

Several other netizens also noted that they offered to be friends with Tora Sudiro.

“Uncle Tora does not want to hang out with the Bintaro people?” wrote one netizen, “then just hang out with my mother Om Tor,” another netizen said, “Om Tora is going to find a son-in-law?” said a netizen.


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