LiveCare Health’s New Service Offering “LiveCare Health Seniors At Home” Launches Pilot Programs – NBCNEWS

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Venice, FL, USA, July 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – LiveCare Inc. OTC:(LVCE), which has established its position as the industry leader in telehealth, is pleased to announce that its new “LiveCare Health Seniors At Home” service offering has gone live with pilot programs.

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Building on its world-class live services for type II diabetes, LiveCare Health Seniors At Home is a 24/7 monitoring, medical and concierge service that combines advanced technology to bridge the gap between community-dwelling seniors and expensive, isolating nursing homes.

CEO Max Rockwell said it best: “By combining in-home health monitoring technology with LiveCare’s personal telecare platform, LiveCare Health Seniors At Home offers a solution like no other! Our goal is to provide every active and independent senior the opportunity to stay in their own home with safety, dignity and comfort and provide peace of mind to both our members and their carers. No other company on the market does what we do.”

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