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Portrait of Hotman Paris with his wife.  (Instagram / hotmanparisofficial)

An unexpected moment, Hotman Paris uploaded his intimacy with his wife.

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Ade Wismoyo | Diwanna Erica

Monday, 18 July 2022 | 11:11 WIB

NBCNEWS.LIVE – There are wonderful women behind successful men. Of course, the idiom is appropriate if it is pinned for Hotman Paris Hutapea. Because, he had a brilliant career as a lawyer and also an artist.

Hotman Paris recently uploaded an intimate photo of himself and his wife. With a rug as if he were having a family picnic, it can be seen in his wife’s upload, Agustianne Marbun embracing Hotman Paris.

Hotman Paris and Wife Together [Instagram/@hotmanparisofficiall]

Do not forget that Hotman Paris pinned a short message along with the photo he uploaded.

“Hot man and woman,” he wrote in the caption column of his post, which was quoted on Monday (18/07/2022).

Previously, it seemed like Hotman Paris had never posted his closeness and warmth with his wife.

Portrait of Hotman Paris with his wife. (Instagram / hotmanparisofficial)

Suddenly, the upload provoked several reactions from netizens, many of whom expressed their joy because Hotman Paris expressed his intimacy with his wife.

“For the one who is truly loyal to the age who can sincerely care is accompanied by a woman,” said netizens.

“Romantic, I’m glad to see Mr. Hotman like that,” added another netizen.

“Afraid… it’s really cool to see it remain a success for my brother’s family,” add another.

For information, Agustianne Marbun is not only wonderful to take care of the family, but she is also not a casual person. Agustinne appears to be a notary who gave birth to three children and all graduated from overseas campuses.


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