Apart from having to be long, clean and of long duration, these are the criteria for Siva Aprilia’s ideal guy

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Name Siva Aprilia certainly no stranger to the devotee of sexy women. Her figure had gone viral when she became a ring girl. His chest accidentally hit an MMA fighter.

The career of the beautiful 26-year-old model is increasingly fluttering after trying out the acting world. He starred in a number of soap operas, such as 17+ and Diary of a Wife.

Not only acting, Siva is also busy with his activities as a Disc Jockey (DJ).

Recently Siva Aprilia guest star on Nikita Mirzani’s YouTube. They engage in casual conversation, explore the other side of Siva and lead to adult discussions.

Siva admits that he prefers to date Caucasians or middle-aged men. The romantic side of Caucasians is more striking.

“Prefers Caucasians. Romantic,” said Siva, quoted on Sunday (17/7/2022).

Nikita Mirzani was then curious about the criteria for Siva’s ideal boyfriend other than being long and long lasting.

“What are the criteria for Siva’s girlfriend besides being long, clean and having a long sex duration?” Niki asked curiously.

At a mature age, Siva admits that he longs for a partner who understands and accepts him as he is.

“When I was little I wanted to get married at the age of 26. But I didn’t. Yes, the criteria are hard workers. Then there’s not a lot of behavior, no installments, responsibility and love for me,” explained Siva.

On the other hand, Siva also longed for a man who gave him a good example. Guide her to be a good woman.

“Don’t make a lot of turns. Widowers can, virgins are okay too. Don’t be a second wife, sorry for the first wife,” he concluded. (dra/dawn)


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