Angga Wijaya attends Dewi Perssik’s cousin’s wedding, makes Warganet salute: hopefully reconciled – NBCNEWS

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Dewi Perssik's cousin wedding moment, Lebby Wilayati [Instagram]

There was hope that Dewi Persik and Angga Wijaya would reconcile.

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NBCNEWS.LIVE – It is known that Angga Wijaya and Dewi Perssik are in the process of divorce. The hope that they will reconcile the two seems difficult to realize because they are both determined to divorce.

Yet the relationship between Angga Wijaya and Dewi Perssik is still good. It has been proven that when Lebby Wilayati, who was Dewi Perssik’s nephew, got married, Angga Wijaya was not uncomfortable attending it and being happy.

Angga Wijaya’s Upload [Instagram/@anggawijaya88]

This was known when Angga Wijaya shared his portrait with the bride and groom. Lebby Wilayati, the nephew of Dewi Perssik, officially married a man named Aldhy on Saturday (16/7/2022).

“Happy wedding day, @lebbywilayati & @napoleon_jr_ can say nothing, only happiness is with you, and the best prayers go out to you both,” wrote Angga Wijaya.

Dewi Perssik’s cousin wedding moment, Lebby Wilayati [Instagram]

But in his portrait, Angga Wijaya did not show solidarity with Dewi Perssik who was also at Lebby Wilayati’s special occasion.

Angga Wijaya salutes netizens for still being on good terms with Dewi Perssik’s family.

“Even if it is maligned, it still comes, Aa, friendship. Cheer up, ”the account @bewoknyonya said.

“Greetings,” the account @akuwiwitakuwiwit said.

Although not shown, the two expect to reunite the moment Angga Wijaya and Dewi Perssik made netizens. Because Angga and Dewi also allegedly still love each other.

“Masha Allah, I am surprised and very happy that AA can be present, because there is still a feeling, I hope you have a match,” the account @kuetartbundayusuf wrote.

“Hopefully Mas Angga and me refer. Dewi, ”replied the @ rere.emon account.

“O Allah, this is a sign that we will be reunited. Amen, ”said the account @harnymalaka.

Contributor: Neressa Prahastiwi


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