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On August 17, 2022, She-Hulk will premiere on Disney Plus. The green heroine is a highly anticipated addition to the MCU, and fans are looking forward to Tatiana Maslany’s portrayal of Jennifer Walters. While Disney Plus shows have been pretty light on cameo appearances until now, there have been surprises like Jimmy Woo in WandavisionSharon Carter in The Falcon and Winter Soldier, and Yelena Belova in hawkeye.

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If rumors are true She-Hulk’s setting is placed in the blip years between Infinite War and Endgameaside from cousin Bruce Banner and Sorcerer Supreme Wong, but there are still limited but common Marvel characters that could play a part in that relatively unknown era.


8 daredevil

Spider-Man No Way Home Charlie Cox Matt Murdock

The most obvious and anticipated appearance of a canon Marvel hero would be Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil. Since he is the only other hero who is also a legal eagle, just like Jennifer Walters, albeit at street level rather than Walter’s supposed superhuman specialty.

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Murdock recently grandfathered his Netflix Marvel series via Spider-Man no way home and is also scheduled for next year in Disney Plus hawkeye spin-off Echo. While we don’t yet have confirmation as to whether he was Blipped or not, Murdock would be an ideal candidate for a She-Hulk cameo as his calling fits right in with the show’s courtroom motif. Cox’s affable charm would only augment what is expected to be a comedic take on the green heroine.

7 hawkeye

Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye in 2012's The Avengers

Marvel fans are well aware that Clint Barton survived the Blip and his family did not, which kick-started his five-year stint as a vengeful Ronin. In the comic books, Jennifer and Clint often become close friends within the Avenger ranks, and it would make sense if she somehow crosses over the dark version of one of the original team, especially considering her legal ruffians need her. to have. to visit super-max prisons for enhanced individuals like the Raft, where once, post-Civil warBarton was imprisoned.

Barton’s frequent jokes and easy rapport with his fellow heroes, often at his own expense as the “bow and arrow” man, would go well with She-Hulk’s ironic comic book.

6 Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is outside in the field in her suit

Carol Danvers is a long shot to be sure, but there is precedent in the comics. Jennifer and Carol, who are often two of the female heavyweights within the diverse Avengers squads, traditionally mate and eventually become well-known work partners.

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Perhaps Danvers will drop by at Bruce Banner’s request, whether it be for ability-level guidance or a listening ear, with both women previously being average people who accidentally regained their strength. While Captain Marvel has been known to be super busy during the five-year post-Blip era and often in space tending to more needy worlds, it’s possible she might pop in for a quick consult with a budding Avenger.

5 war machine

Don Cheadle as a war machine in Avengers Infinity War

James Rhodey may also be an honest candidate for a She-Hulk cameo. He often collaborated with the United States government over the years and according to the events of Captain America: Civil War and infinite war, it was clearly established that he was working with Thunderbolt Ross to track down superheroes who had not signed the Sokovia Accords.

Willing or not, it’s a good bet he helped put some unsung heroes under lock and key for noncompliance, which is where Jennifer Walters could step in given her work with super-powered criminals. It’s not too far to imagine her lawyer confronting Don Cheadle’s vaunted character, fit or not, in terms of legal rights and due process for her clients.

4 Jessica Jones

While her blip status hasn’t been fully confirmed yet, it’s rumored that Krysten Ritter’s hardcase private investigator will indeed make at least a cameo appearance in an upcoming MCU project. Chances are it’s probably pending daredevil reboot, be it a movie or a series, but her specialized vocation makes her a possible contender for a She-Hulk cameo.

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Given the overlapping similarities in Walter’s super-villain attorney and Jones’ services to those in need of heroic intervention, it’s easy to see the natural prospective symmetry between the two characters, what with their tendency to help those with special power-related issues on opposite sides of the world. aisle of the hero and villain.

3 Pepper Potts

Miracle Suggests Pepperpott Abandoning Iron Man Legacy

Interestingly, though never suggested, Pepper Potts has enough guilt in her proximity to Tony Stark to be a potential client for Jennifer Walters. Stark Industries was involved in the worldwide sale of weapons under the table, including Iron Monger’s deals with the Ten Rings.

Given how Pepper became CEO, it’s possible that both she and Stark have been held accountable as accomplices to war crimes, and as unpopular as it is, maybe Jennifer Walters could represent her. It would be great to see Gwyneth Paltrow back on screen despite her MCU retirement status, but it’s a slim possibility because the government probably had much bigger fish to fry during the Blip years.

2 Moon Knight

Moon Knight Hides His MCU Timeline

Through the recent Disney Plus series, Marc Spector has been found to have survived the Thanos snap. Moon Knight writers generally assumed that Steven Grant, prior to the alternate personality, was about two years before the climax of endgame, the mercenary probably worked in the shadows on covert operations not quite different from Hawkeye’s Ronin era.

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It’s entirely possible to think that Marc’s continued vigilance in the criminal underworld crosses paths with an occasional lawyer who specializes in the representation of super-powered defendants, and it would be a nice way to see Moon Knight’s silent presence in the past. to be found in the MCU.

1 rocket raccoon

rocket raccoon howling guardians of the galaxy

This would be the cameo to end all cameos, and it would make perfect sense given Rocket’s infamous temper. After Thanos’ snap, Rocket pretty much lost his entire family, except for Nebula, and in Endgame he has become a de facto Avenger by helping out with missions and scientific know-how.

However, in the immediate aftermath, it would be more than likely that Rocket would have acted out of his grief and ended up in legal trouble, perhaps even going to a super-max prison for enhanced creatures. Enter Jennifer Walters, and with the context of the comedy expected in She Hulk, and witty and spirited rapport between the infamously vocal Guardian of the Galaxy and his lawyer would indeed be welcome.

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