Zaskia Gotik’s husband consults a lawyer, learns about the lawsuit of the model accused of being pregnant

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It is known that the woman is a model from Yogyakarta. They knew each other a few months before Sirajuddin Mahmud married Zaskia Gotik.

Veranosiliyana has even sued Sirajuddin Mahmud to the Cikarang District Court. The inaugural trial of the case took place on July 13, 2022, but Veranosiliyana and Sirajuddin Mahmud were both absent.

Since the lawsuit was filed and this case has become a topic of discussion for many people, Sirajuddin Mahmud and Zaskia Gotik have not made any comments at all.

However, it turned out that they had consulted a lawyer, Ery Kertanegara. Reporting from InsertLive, the lawyer confirmed this.

“It is true that there was a conversation between us and Pak Sirajuddin about this,” said Ery Kertanegara.

But unfortunately, he has not been able to explain in detail about Sirajuddin Mahmud’s response to the lawsuit and other legal remedies.

“Something has been conveyed to us about it is not necessarily true,” he explained.

So far, Sirajuddin Mahmud is still consulting on the case. Therefore, Ery Kertanegara could not provide details on his side’s steps.

“Currently I don’t have a power of attorney, so I can’t announce it to the public,” he said.

“We are studying, reviewing it first before we make the power of attorney,” he concluded.

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