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Jen Shah van The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City currently has her plate full, but may feel compelled to resolve marital problems sooner than expected. The ‘Shamazing’ housewife has been a polarizing character since season 1 and right down to her legal troubles. Now, after pleading guilty, fans are worried a divorce is on the way.

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News broke on March 30, 2021 that Jen Shah had been arrested on the side of the road by federal agents after telling Bravo Production she had a family emergency. Kiersten Ann Fletcher, the federal prosecutor in the case, revealed that they had been investigating Shah since 2017. The premise of the scam was to build shell companies, and the government announced that one of the companies was called Master. Pro Group, which was co-owned by Shah. The prosecutor stated that the shah earned $5 million from criminal trials. While viewers were left in shock, Jen maintained her innocence and was supported by her husband, coach Sharrieff Shah.


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While no one wants a marriage to end, Bravo fans are wondering what is currently going through coach Shah’s mind after his wife changed her plea from not guilty to guilty earlier this week. During the first two seasons of the show, Coach Shah has always preached about his moral code. He has always come across as the voice of reason and was often found trying to talk Jen off a ledge. Fans are very concerned that he will be convicted of his wife’s misdeeds and may lose his job as a college football coach. RHOSLC fans feel to protect himself and his two sons, Coach Shah may need to consider divorce.


The couple already considered divorcing once during Season 2. Viewers found out that Jen was severely depressed after her father’s death, which made her hate her husband for traveling all the time. During the season 2 premiere, Jen joked that the two were in relationship counseling, telling cameras: Yo, nobody leaves nobody in this marriage.” Before he became a football coach, Sharrieff was a practicing attorney, so it’s safe to assume he would know how to file for divorce.

Jen may have spent 30 years behind bars, but her plea deal could lower the sentence to 14 years. The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City fans are split in the middle when it comes to Coach Shah staying or leaving. Sharrieff is a family man, but it would be hard to wait that long for someone, especially since it can be assumed that Jen lied to him too. Only time will tell if the two decide to end their marriage or stick with it.

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