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According to the plan, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said 400 employees would either be recruited or transferred to 12 hospitals as the state enters the third phase of the health system’s winter response.

The announcement comes after modeling is indicated COVID-19 infections are said to peak statewide in August.

Victorian Prime Minister Daniel Andrews speaks at press conference. (9News – Mark Santomartino)

Andrews said recruiting “wouldn’t be easy”, saying it would take “months to fill the vacancies”.

The additional specialist staff will relieve nurses to help ambulances unload patients more quickly, while triage doctors will be responsible for quickly assessing patients and determining the level of care they need.

They will be deployed in 12 hospitals, including Alfred Hospital, University Hospital Geelong, Grampians Health – Ballarat Hospital and Monash Medical Center.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALI - JANUARY 21: A sign showing a COVID-19 testing clinic at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital on January 21, 2022 in Sydney, Australia.  NSW has recorded 46 deaths from COVID-19 in the past 24 hours, marking the deadliest day in the state since the start of the pandemic.  NSW also recorded 25,168 new coronavirus infections in the past 24 hours reporting period.  (Photo by Jenny Evans/Getty Images)

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“These investments are part of our plan to support our health professionals and give Victorians the care they need,” Andrews said.

“By giving our nurses and doctors an extra pair of hands and making improvements that allow patients to move through our emergency rooms faster, Victorians will get the care they need faster.”

Photo of Prime Minister Daniel Andrews giving a press conference at Monash Children’s Hospital on Sunday, July 17, 2022. Photo Luis Enrique Ascui (Luis Enrique Ascui)

Andrews said the state is currently facing a “difficult winter”.

The President of the Australian Medical Association (AMA), Dr. Roderick McRae, said: COVID-19 situation was about to get much worse.

“It’s a huge problem,” he said Today.

“We have BA.4 and 5 (Omicron variants) hitting us in the middle of winter,” he said.

“Once again I call on the Victorian Health Secretary to reconsider the decision on the limited number of mask mandates in circumstances where we know there is mass transmission of a highly communicable virus.”

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McRae pointed out that the new Omicron variants are not mild, as some people assume.

“Looks like BA.5 is actually a bit more aggressive,” he said.

“If you think of the lungs that start from the top and come down, the BA.4 is a bit in the throat and the top of the larynx, but BA.5 goes deeper into the lungs and goes down along the lines of the original Delta variant .

“A lot of people are very vulnerable with underlying diseases that are likely to use hospitals.”

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