Tiara Marleen Called Gift of Car at Birthday Gala, Haji Faisal Speaks: Nothing – NBCNEWS

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Haji Faisal [Rena Pangesti/Suara.com]

Until that really happened, Haji Faisal chose not to comment.

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NBCNEWS.LIVE – Tiara Marleen has apparently started justifying any way to make peace with Haji Faisal.

Recently, rumors circulated that Tiara was preparing a car gift for Andriansyah’s Gala Sky birthday.

So is that true? When asked about this, Haji Faisal, who met on July 16 at Gala’s house in the Srengseng area, Jakarta, denied it.

“Nothing until the news reaches me,” he said.

Haji Faisal also admitted that he did not receive the car that was reportedly prepared by Tiara Marleen for the Andriansyah Sky Gala award.

“Nothing,” he said.

Tiara Marleen visited the Depok police on Friday (1/7/2022) to mediate with Haji Faisal. [Rena Pangesti/Suara.com]

The rest Haji Faisal declined to comment further. Including the possibility that Tiara Marleen is trying to find sympathy to be forgiven.

“It has not yet been realized. Later it will be like the previous one, given two, it turns out to be five. Well, I’m afraid it’s going to happen again, ”explained Haji Faisal.

Until that really happened, Haji Faisal chose not to comment.

While ensuring that the legal process against Tiara Marleen continues for the time being.

“Next week we have information that the file will be sent to the prosecutor’s office. Then there will be additional investigations and several witnesses to be investigated. “Once everything is finalized, it will be transferred to court,” Haji Faisal’s lawyer explained. Sandy Arifin on their report against Tiara Marleen.

Tiara Marleen was reported by Haji Faisal to the Depok metro police over the alleged defamation on March 1, 2022.

He was sued for accusing the late Vanessa Angel of being illegitimate.

Investigators have identified Tiara Marleen as a suspect on June 6, 2022.

Haji Faisal [Rena Pangesti/Suara.com]

He is subject to Section 27 paragraph (3) in conjunction with Section 310 in conjunction with Section 311 of the Penal Code in conjunction with Section 320 of the Penal Code in conjunction with Section 321 of the Penal Code. (Adiyoga Priyambodo).


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