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I recently spent two weeks in Europe and I’m the type of person who likes to pack a week for big travel. I want to make sure I have everything I need and can plan my outfits well; there’s nothing worse than wanting to pack something up and realize the morning of it is dirty or stained and unusable. (Been there, done that.) In my pack, I realized pretty early on that I didn’t have modern travel adapters, and was concerned that since I’ll be traveling to both the UK and the EU, where different plugs are required, I’d a giant bag full of cords and adapters. However, I found this Epika Universal Travel Adapter ($23), and it was a game changer for my trip.

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What I like about this adapter?

The adapter itself is fairly compact; it fits in the palm of my hand, so it’s very easy to toss in a carry-on bag. It has one standard plug, with the addition of four USB ports and one USBC port. This means you can charge up to six devices at once, and it really works. Every night I was able to charge my computer, phone, AirPods and Oura ring without any problems.

What is worth mentioning about the adapter?

This one device is usable for retail outlets in the US, UK, EU and Australia, which is convenient and means I don’t have to carry around a bunch of different adapters. You just hold the side button and slide the country switch you need, be it EU, UK or US/AUS. It’s also worth noting that it’s not intended for large-scale items such as hair dryers that require voltage converters or coffee makers, which can blow a fuse.

Who is this adapter best for?

The Epika Universal Travel Adapter ($23) is a great choice for anyone looking to travel to Europe, especially those who want to travel light. I bought one for each member of my family and they were game changers for our trip. This was the only adapter we all packed, and it met all of our needs. If you’re traveling abroad anytime soon, I’d highly recommend this affordable, handy gadget.

Other information

According to the device’s Amazon page, this adapter can be used in more than 150 countries. In addition to the EU, UK, US, and Australia, it aims to be compatible in places like China, Brazil, UAE, Kenya, and Hong Kong. Before you travel, it’s worth checking to see if it fits your needs. It’s also important to make sure you have more USB cables than USBC cables, as that’s the most ubiquitous plug.

Where this adapter is available

You can buy the Epika Universal Travel Adapter from Amazon or Walmart.


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