The contents of the hotel owned by Cynthiara Alona have disappeared, allegedly due to her sister’s lover – NBCNEWS

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Cynthiara Alona

Jakarta, NBCNEWS

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Cynthiara Alona has been officially released after serving 10 months in prison for prostitution.

However, his freedom was greeted by a new problem, namely that all his property, including his hotel, had disappeared without a trace.

The hotel he built from scratch is now uncared for and even looks like a haunted house. Items in the hotel, such as television, bed, until the air conditioner disappears.

The woman named Alona could not help but cry when she saw the current condition of her hotel.

“Honestly, my legs tremble like that. At the moment the place is very neglected, no one is taking care of it because I also can not afford to pay someone to take care of it. In the end, the house is like a haunted house, ”Cynthia Alona said in the Insert program. Investigation, Saturday (16/7).

Cynthiara Alona / Photo: instagram

Alona suspects that all the furniture in her hotel was used up because it was sold by a woman who is believed to be her sister’s ex-lover.

“There was one woman, who then stayed here, as she searched for guests through a green online (application). She approached my sister because my sister would rather be here (a hotel) than stay with me in BSD. He said.

Cynthiara Alona / Photo:

The woman apparently approached and used her sister until she managed to sell the entire contents of Alona’s hotel.

“Then he approached my sister. “After that, I do not know why my sister trusted her so much and she took over this place,” he continued.

“I heard he was looking for someone who wanted to buy it, bought all the doors, all the TVs, all the air conditioners, all the refrigerators, all the contents. So, they were sold to him, “he concluded.

Meanwhile, Alona did not think about renovating the hotel because she could not afford it.


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