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the boys showrunner Eric Kripke talks about a possible crossover with the main series and the upcoming spin-off Gen V. The upcoming spin-off will take place in the same universe as the boys and will still draw inspiration from the boys comics that inspired the main series. The spin-off stars Jaz Sinclair, Lizzie Broadway, Chance Perdomo, Maddie Philips and Shelly Conn.

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the boys Set in a world where super-powered individuals are glorified by the world and allowed to secretly commit horrific acts. Gen V Set in the same world, it follows a group of young adults with superpowers who face each other in deadly challenges at a university of mega-corporate Vought International. Gen V is currently in the process of filming its first season and has not yet announced whether any main series actors will be appearing.


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In an interview with the cover, Kripke tells us whether or not the two shows will feature crossover stories. Kripke says no characters from the boys will move to Gen Vand that the two shows are set in the same world, implying that there’s the possibility that some of the characters seem to say “we don’t run characters in them, they just exist in the same universe.He goes on to say how Gen V will deal with problems faced by modern students, similar to how the boys denounces much of the world’s political and social woes.

The guys why homelander trusts black noir

With the superheroes in the boys Being international icons, their faces and likenesses may appear in the series as part of the story or as mere mentions to draw audiences into the world established by the flagship series. Of the boys Season 4 still in the planning stages, it’s doubtful the two will see a direct crossover immediately. Still, it remains possible for an established Supe like Homelander or A-Train to appear at the university as a guest lecturer or something similar.

the boys remains one of the boldest satires on television, and Gen V could benefit from a closer focus and smaller scale, without having to encapsulate the fate of the world like its predecessor. However, it must also replicate the boys dedication to character exploration without resorting to archetypes seen in the media about college life. With that same focus and maybe a little bit of character support from the boysit is very possible Gen V will have the same dark comedy and ambitious thematic weight that made its predecessor the success it is.

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