Tasya Farasya pregnant with second child, Ayang Part 2 coming soon! – NBCNEWS

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Tasya Farasya announces pregnancy [Instagram/@tasyafarasya]

NBCNEWS.LIVE – Youtuber Tasya Farasya is currently feeling happy. After she got married and had their first child on June 26, 2020, the wife of Ahmad Assegaf has now announced her second pregnancy again.

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Through his personal Instagram account, this twin from Tasyi shared his moment with a tense stomach. She also asked for prayers for a smooth pregnancy.

“Ayang part 2 is coming soon Bismillah. Please pray, my friend. ” Tasya wrote in the caption on Sunday (17/7/2022), which was quoted from her Instagram page.

In her upload, Tasya was seen uploading several photos. She looks elegant as she poses with her husband and children. Tasya wore a blue dress while holding her stretched stomach.

Tasya Farasya announces pregnancy [Instagram/@tasyafarasya]

He also explained that she was already 21 weeks pregnant at this time.

Many fellow Youtubers and celebrities also congratulated him on his upload.

“Happiness!!” said alikaislamadina.

“Wait for ayang 2.0, healthy and sound pregnant,” added hamidahrachmayanti.

“Congratulations Tasyaaaaaaa” Suciutami shut down.

Tasya Farasya announces pregnancy [Instagram/@tasyafarasya]

Not only did fellow youtubers give words, there were also comments from netizens who were also happy for the pregnancy of their second child.

“I thought so!! of the way you wear a belt on your birthday, MashaAllah, ” said netizens.

“Jaaay, Masha Allah, I thought so, God bless your mom,” added another netizen.

“Aaaaa MashaAllah congratulations mama ayang,” said another.

As is well known, Tasya Farasya named her first child Maryam Eliza Khair.

The name Maryam was chosen by Tasya Farasya from the holy book of the Koran which is narrated as a tough woman with a noble heart.

While Eliza means valuable, Khair is associated with wealth and blessings. Until the age of 2 years, the face of daughter Tasya Farasya was never shown to the public due to privacy.


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