Pamela Safitri’s Style Wears a Kemben Dress Makes Dagdigdug, Netizens: Be Careful to Slump

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PAMELA Safitri can be said to be one of the dancers whose appearance steals the most attention. This is because Pamela Safitri is brave enough to look sexy.

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Pamela Safitri is indeed attached to a sexy image. In addition to the fantastic body, Pamela often wears tight or open clothes that show off the beauty of her curves.

Pamela Safitri

As seen in one of the appearance photos uploaded to his personal Instagram account. Pamela Safitri wearing a flat dress posing for a mirror selfie.

Wearing a slouchy dress makes her curves, isn’t it a Spanish guitar? The exposed cleavage makes her appearance more sexy.

Not to mention the pose of making a slouchy dress looks like it’s drooping. As a result, Pamela Safitri’s appearance is not only sexy, but also seductive.

His photo upload was immediately flooded with comments from netizens who failed to focus. There was also someone who warned Pamela that the tank was almost falling!

“Plump,” said @mohammadra***

“Your heart is drooping, ny,” said @arie_pent ***

“Crocodiles are approaching you sis😂,” said @angga_candr***

“Aren’t you short of breath? The clothes are too small, up and down, all the skin abrasions are tight, sis😂,” said @tiaralest ***


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