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Adrian Toomes aka the Vulture is a villain featured in the MCU‘s 2017 film, Spider-Man: Homecoming. In the comics, Vulture is a classic yet goofy Spider-Man villain that has had many a run-in with the webslinger. Despite his goofy appearance, Vulture has a dark side to him, leading to him committing a murder very much akin to the Iron Man vs. Iron Monger showdown in the very first MCU movie.

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In 2008’s Iron Man, Tony Stark builds the first ever Iron Man suit, which works pretty well for the most part save for an issue with freezing and malfunctioning after reaching a certain altitude. Stark’s business partner, Obadiah Stane, did not agree with the decision to have Stark Industries stop manufacturing weapons, and dons a reversed engineered Iron Man armor and becomes Iron Monger, essentially making him an evil Tony Stark. Stane attempts to kill Tony and take over the company, and the two duke it out above Stark Tower. Stane is defeated when Tony tricks him into flying too high, where the Iron Monger suit freezes and deactivates.


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The same thing happens in 2009’s Web of Spider-Man # 5’s Gauntlet Origins: Vulture story by Fred Van Lente, Francis Portela, Christopher Sotomayor, and Rus Wooton. In this story, Vulture is locked up on a prison boat, and a group of inmates threaten Vulture into building a flying device lest they’ll kill his daughter and grandson. Vulture complies and builds a harness for their leader, who uses it to escape the boat. He then receives a call from Vulture, who monologues about his villain origin and former business partner and makes the leader fly high into the freezing, oxygen-thin atmosphere, where he dies and plummets back to Earth like a comet. “Make a wish,Vulture says, watching as his foe burns up in the night sky.

The Vulture kills an enemy with his suit in Web of Spider-Man # 5.

This is by far darker than what Iron Man did to Stane and shows that Vulture really is an evil Tony Stark, making him a far more interesting character than the silly villain he was originally portrayed as. There are many parallels between Vulture’s and Iron Man’s situations, but unlike Tony, who was acting out of heroism, Vulture did what he did to show that he is not to be threatened, crossed, or just messed with in general. Even the inmates got taken out, showing that Toomes is more vicious than meets the eye.

Even though Vulture is unknowingly Spider-Man’s greatest comic ally, he has been a reoccurring, often easy to beat villain for the web head. Spider-Man might not think much of him, but his vile actions on the prison boat cement Vulture‘s place as one of Spider-Man‘s most evil adversaries, while also making him the dark foil to the MCU‘s Iron Man.

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