Men hit after intimidation of ‘beautiful’ officer on duty in viral video – NBCNEWS

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A group of men have been charged with harassing a “pretty” officer on duty and then sharing the video online.

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The clip — which has been viewed more than 2.8 million times — shows five men harassing the officer and making inappropriate comments.

A group of men are beaten for uploading a clip of a female cop being harassed


A group of men are beaten for uploading a clip of a female cop being harassedCredit: TikTok/@blackmagictvv
The clip has been viewed more than 2.8 million times


The clip has been viewed more than 2.8 million timesCredit: TikTok/@blackmagictvv
The TikTok account appears to have been deleted


The TikTok account appears to have been deletedCredit: TikTok/@blackmagictvv

It was posted by TikToker blackmagictvv, which regularly posts movies and reports of police encounters, and was captioned, “She’s definitely in the wrong field.”

As the video plays, one of the men hears “damn, this one is nice” and “this woman is beautiful, she should be a model, not a police officer”.

The clip was widely condemned and nearly all 3000 viewers comments criticized the men for harassing a cop who was doing her job.

“Bro is harassing someone who does his job because of how he looks,” one person wrote.

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Another said the men used the word “this” to objectify the officer.

“’This one is nice’ ‘This one should be a model’, why are you all saying ‘This’ as if it were an object,” they wrote.

While a third person told the immature fate: “Little boys don’t know when to stop” and received 5,000 likes.

“Show some respect guys,” said another.

“She’s probably had a tough career dealing with this nonsense from criminals and co-workers,” wrote one foursome.

A search by The Sun Online shows that the TikTok account has since been removed.

It is not clear who was responsible for the shutdown.

It comes when a lollipop lady, posting about her daily life at work, revealed that she regularly gets unwanted attention at work.

Anjelica Langton, 24, who works in remote Mullumbimby, Australia, said: “I am touched every day.

“But all chicks would if they do this kind of work because it’s mostly a male-dominated field.

“However, I have thick skin and don’t let it bother me. I’m extremely strong in my head and I’m not giving it the attention it deserves.”

She hopes that by sharing her story online, more women will get into the field.

“I definitely believe that more women should look into this kind of work,” she said.

“It lets you see the real world and you’re not locked in an office without seeing the sun.

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“I also think it gives you confidence because some women would be afraid to do this kind of work because of the men, but you shouldn’t be, because they respect it very much.”

She added: “It’s 100 percent worth it and I enjoy it so much.”

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