Lucinta Luna finally shows her face after surgery, looks like Blackpink’s Jisoo? – NBCNEWS

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Lucinta Luna Controversy (instagram / lucintaluna_manjalita)

NBCNEWS.LIVE – Lucinta Luna is currently in the spotlight of netizens in cyberspace. The reason is that he is again doing plastic surgery abroad and showing it to the public through uploads on his personal account.

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Recently, Lucinta Luna licked her face after the surgery. He showed the part of his lips that is allegedly similar to a member of the K-Pop girl group Blackpink, Kim Ji-soo aka Jisoo.

Instastory Lucinta Luna [Instagram/lambegosiip]

“Oh my god, at last my lips look like Jisoo,” said Lucinta Luna as quoted from her Instagram story, Sunday (17/7/2022).

In his post, the singer of the song Bobo Where shows the shape of his new red lips.

Not to forget, he also pinned a photo of Jisoo Blackpink in the post.

Lucinta Luna Controversy (instagram / lucintaluna_manjalita)

“Do not cry now, Queen 9 lives back in Indonesia with a new face and you will not know the Queen anymore, because I have now turned into a Korean woman,” he added.

After undergoing surgery a few days ago, he is now starting to be able to perform normal activities.

Lucinta Luna also congratulated the success of the operation by going to a salon in the city where she had the operation.

Instastory Lucinta Luna [Instagram/lucintaluna_manjalita]
Instastory Lucinta Luna [Instagram/lucintaluna_manjalita]

“Finally, nyalon can. Oh my god, my face looks like K-Pop, ” says Lucinta Luna who this time seemed satisfied with the results of the operation.

Suddenly, his post garnered several pros and cons of netizens. Many of them think that Lucinta Luna can not be equated with Jisoo Blackpink.

“Poor jisoo is the same as a guy,” said netizens.

“But the shape of his lips is not like Jisoo,” added another netizen.

“It’s not his lips, it’s not like jisoo anyway,” another shut down.


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