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BLACKPINK's Jisoo fashion trend.  (Photo: celebrities.id/Instagram @sooyaaa__)

JAKARTA, NBCNEWS.LIVE Jisoo BLACKPINK’s fashion trends are often sought after by her fans. The reason is that the Snowdrop drama player is considered ‘Taste’ in terms of fashion. What’s more, Jisoo often shares her various portraits with comfortable outfits that are suitable as inspiration for everyday OOTDs.

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As is well known, Jisoo has also been named one of the largest luxury fashion brand ambassadors in the world, namely Dior. In fact, Jisoo also regularly attends several Dior fashion shows, both in Europe and recently in South Korea some time ago.

Therefore, Jisoo’s appearance is required to perform optimally in all its activities. Quoted on his Instagram, Sunday (17/7/2022), is the following fashion trend from BLACKPINK’s Jisoo.

1. Simple with black dress

This time, Jisoo was blinded by wearing a simple black dress. Unique is that the dress has a mottled pattern on each dress. Jisoo also maximized her look by wearing a white handbag combined with black sandals.

2. Yellow Crewneck and mini skirt

Unlike before, Jisoo looked comfortable this time around wearing a bright yellow round neck maximized with a black mini-skirt. She also combined her outfit with a black handbag and black shoes.

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