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Jefri Nichol

Jakarta, NBCNEWS

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Jefri Nichol goes viral after his video went viral on social media when he was greeted by a fan in a public place.

In the upload circulating, Jefri Nichol wears a black shirt, pants jeans and shoes sneakers seen from a parking lot.

Then a fan apparently greeted Jefri Nichol who was walking towards them.

Jefri Nichol / Photo:

Hello brother. Want a photo”A fan told Jefri Nichol who was quoted on Sunday (17/7).

Before his arrival, Jefri Nichol had time to wave to his fans.

Arriving there, the former lover of Shenina Cinnamon responded greetings from fans in a very friendly way.

He even invited his fans along to high five.

Jefri also accepted selfie invitations from his fans happily and full of smiles.

Hi. Come on, Nichol, nice to meet you“Says Jefri as he greets a high-five by balling his fists.

very goodsaid the fan.

The video was uploaded by a TikTok user with an account named @ puyu17_.

The reason I admire a Jefri Nichol. Stay humble, brotherHe wrote.

Jefri Nichol / Photo: NBCNEWS

The upload went viral and got a lot of comments from netizens.

The video has even been viewed more than 2 million times.

Many praised the film star’s friendly attitude My perky girl it and judged the actor as very friendly and humble.

Ayang I am really humble guys”Wrote the account @cor ***.

Always humble from the beginning”Said the @er *** account.

I swear, Jef is really humble, God.”Noted the account @the ***.

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