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It has been suggested that the blame for Angelina’s murder of Grace in… Manifesto must go to Cal. In the Season 3 finale, the series brought its biggest death ever when the character of Athena Karkanis was killed. After unsuccessfully trying to stop Angelina from kidnapping her daughter, Grace suffered a fatal knife wound out of the picture.

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What happened to Grace in the episode partly laid the foundation for it manifesto’s fourth and final season. Angelina has not only confirmed her villain status, but she has also widowed Ben Stone and robbed two important characters of their mother. Obviously, the fate she suffered in the finale will have huge implications for what comes next for several of the show’s key players. Even Manifesto Season 4 has been confirmed to start two years after the finale, Grace’s death is sure to cast a shadow on the core cast, who have been reeling from what happened that day for quite some time. Making sure Angelina is held accountable for her actions can be one of the goals of the flight 828 passengers when: Manifesto Season 4 Part 1 premieres on Netflix.


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After Manifesto Grace killed, there has been some debate as to whether Cal made possible his mother’s death. Unfortunately, the circumstances of her death indicate that Cal’s actions set it in motion. After all, it was he who told her where the extra key to his family’s house was so she could go in and surprise Grace. It’s possible she could have broken in without the key, but Cal’s decision definitely made it much easier for Angelina to complete her plan. All this was compounded by the fact that Angelina’s behavior gave Cal good reasons not to trust her. But while Cal has certainly made a mistake on some level, he’s not the only one who deserves to be blamed. We must not forget that it was Adrian who encouraged Angelina to look for her.”Guardian angel”.

Why Cal had foreseen Grace’s death?

Complicating the issue of Cal’s role in Grace’s death is the implication that his deep connection to the Callings may have tipped him off about Grace’s death before it happened. While it’s hard to imagine Cal giving Angelina the key knowing what she was going to do, it’s possible he figured it out some time after. Cal was noticeably emotional with Grace (but not Ben) before he disappeared, raising the possibility that at some point before she was stabbed by Angelina, he may have received a calling that foretold her death. There’s also the matter of how he got into the picture again during Grace’s final scene. When he returned five years older, he seemed to show up at just the right time and place, as if he knew when his mother would die.

Manifesto Season 4, which kicks off two years later, aside, there’s no question that the many questions about who is responsible for Grace’s murder will be relevant to the upcoming episodes. Whatever guilt Cal (and Adrian) experiences in the wake of what Angelina did could have a profound impact on their characters and stories when the show returns. And if it’s true that Cal had any foreknowledge of Grace’s fate, it could be a disturbing revelation for Ben as he struggles to get his family through this tragedy.

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