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A SPERM donor father of twenty children goes on a baby tour to give single women instant “do-it-yourself samples”.

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Adam Hooper will offer ovulating women desperate to conceive his sperm in a cup.

Adam Hooper Goes On Sperm Donor 'DIY Tour' Across Australia


Adam Hooper Goes On Sperm Donor ‘DIY Tour’ Across AustraliaCredit: Catering
The prolific breeder has 20 children fathered by a donor


The prolific breeder has 20 children fathered by a donorCredit: Catering

The 37-year-old hopes his “do-it-yourself tour” will bring women in similar situations together.

Obviously, many are eager to meet the prolific breeder as hospital clinics have few semen samples due to two years of Covid restrictions.

Ingrid Stefaniw, from Brisbane, Australia, is now 12 weeks pregnant with Hooper’s baby after spending £7,500 on an unsuccessful IVF treatment.

She contacted Hooper through the Sperm Donation Australia Facebook page, according to the courier post.

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The page has over 1,500 members and aims to match them with potential sperm donors.

Ingrid flew to Perth to collect Hooper’s sperm across the country and was delighted to know that her child will be able to contact him before the legal age of 18.

Hooper, who has two children of his own and 20 who were fathered by a donor, started donating to desperate mothers-to-be to give them the opportunity to raise a child.

He wants to be a part of the children’s lives and wants them to have a picture of him or communicate with him if necessary.

He said: “I want the kids to feel like they know where they come from – too many donor kids have to spend years trying to track down their father.”

Another woman on the Facebook page said she thought it was a great idea to be part of a mother group whose children had the same father.

“I like the idea that the kid can contact Adam if they want to,” said 37-year-old Greta French-Kennedy.

She expects to get her sample at the airport due to timing issues with their meetings.

For those not ovulating during Hooper’s 10-day stay, have been told to sit still and wait for more tours to come.

One woman said it would be “a dream come true” if she conceived a child with the Aussie.

She told the Courier Mail: “Imagine being in a mother group with the kids who are all related, what a beautiful concept.”

But experts have warned against the trade, saying that unregulated donations could lead to more women going “underground.”

It comes as a Sun investigation revealed a group of donors known as the “sperm mafia” who harassed expectant mothers on social media sites.

These self-proclaimed donors regularly advertise themselves on platforms such as Facebook and specialized apps, seizing a nationwide shortage.

And, most controversially, their methods can range from artificial to “natural insemination” (NI) — donor language for full-blown sex.

While this unconventional, thriving baby market has helped many moms achieve their dream, others have revealed a darker side.

Moms-to-be have told The Sun how they were bombarded with texts pressured into sex and sent unsolicited X-rated photos.

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A Facebook moderator has warned of a “sperm mafia” where known donors resort to threats and blackmail when arguing with “rivals.”

And vile messages are exchanged on donor messaging groups with names like “Sperm Bandits,” where a poster brags about his sexual exploitations with a lesbian woman after agreeing to help her try for a baby.

Hooper wants to give recipients a photo of him and is open to his kids contacting him


Hooper wants to give recipients a photo of him and is open to his kids contacting himCredit: Catering
The 37-year-old has two children of her own


The 37-year-old has two children of her ownCredit: Catering

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