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Fadly Faisal.  (Instagram / @ fadlyfsl_)

This is the first time Fadly Faisal has become a model for a video clip of a dangdut genre song.

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NBCNEWS.LIVE – Fadly Faisal has been in the modeling world for a long time. However, his name is increasingly widely highlighted after he is known as the sister-in-law of the better Vanessa Angel.

Lately, Fadly’s name has become more and more popular among the public, thanks to his brilliant career. In addition, 22-year-old men are often hired on several occasions to be models for well-known brands.

Not only that, this sister of Fuji has penetrated her career into the world of song video clips. Recently, he was hired as a model in the video clip of Lesti Kejora’s song, titled ‘Once a Life’.

Fadly Faisal in Lesti Kejora’s video [Youtube]

The youngest son of Haji Faisal recounted the process when he was contacted by the management of Lesti Kejora. From the beginning when he got a job offer to become a model for a video clip, Fadly did not have to think long. He immediately accepted the offer.

“Not directly with Lesti, only with her team. But they know they are offering it to me, ”Fadly said on the Celebrity On Cam News YouTube channel, which was quoted on Sunday (17/7/2022).

He also admitted he was surprised and had not imagined it before, as it was the first time he had become a model for a video clip in the dangdut genre song.

“I never thought it would be in a dangdut video clip, this is the first time,” he added.

Fadly Faisal. (Instagram / @ fadlyfsl_)

Unexpectedly, now the song titled Once in a Lifetime has been able to climb the trend since it was first released on Friday, July 15th.

Fadly also said that the song performed by Lesti Kejora has an implied story that is very interesting to hear for fans of Indonesian dangdut songs.

“And the song is indeed good, the story is also interesting, why not?”

He also hopes that the song will be able to reach the top trend.

“After this, it will hopefully become trend 1,” Fadly Faisal concluded.


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