Evidence that the audience forgot about Arya Saloka, Deva Mahenra and Amanda Manopo made this love bond rating

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It seems that the audience of Ikatan Cinta has started to forget about Arya Saloka and doesn’t want to expect many Aldebaran figures to come back again.

Now, the figure of Sal, played by Deva Mahenra, is starting to steal the hearts of the Ikatan Cinta fanatics.

Just look, the chemistry of Deva Mahenra and Amanda Manopo brought the soap opera Ikatan Cinta to be better because the rating has increased.

Had dropped significantly, now the rating for the soap opera Ikatan Cinta is slowly rising again.

One of them was thanks to the intervention of Deva Mahenra, whose presence was quite well received by the audience.

Reported by Banjarmasinpost.co.id from Instagram @fact_ikatancinta on Sunday (17/7/2022), the rating for Friday’s version of the Love Association was at 5.6.

Much better than the previous rating, which was at 5.0.

“[VERSI UM] what do you think of last night’s episode, “explained admin @fact_ikatancinta.

The comments column was also flooded by netizens who were enthusiastic about the role of Deva Mahenra.

@dyahindahrahma: Alhamdulillah…Sal’s figure can fill the void a little….don’t compare and really can’t be compared…msg2 characters have different roles….at this time if we are still willing to watch…let it go now happens… enjoy… be grateful… if we don’t like to leave without leaving a message of sorrow…. if you still hope pray… let God open the way…

@amelia_meng : I like Sal.. calm down, her smile is cute

@endinioetomo: Finally, Mas Sal carried Andin, I like to see him. Thank God, Mas Sal is the protector of Andin Alfahri’s family, it’s really cool to see him comforting Andin, it can’t be the same as Al, because Sal is not a substitute for Al, at least he is the one who protects Mamros, Andin, Reyna and ponpel, btw, I don’t expect the name Al anymore, because I don’t believe in it anymore, I don’t respect anymore, where are your promises with Andin????? You left Andin alone to deal with Reyna’s problems, from history, Reyna, who knows very well, is that you, Aldebaran Alfahri, from the orphanage, is full of struggles to be able to adopt Reyna, but what can Reyna and Askara be left behind, sad Iho but this is a soap opera, I hope Sal becomes a character who Can you protect Andin Alfahri Family… Amen

Deva Mahenra’s Attitude to Fans

The charisma of actor Deva Mahenra, Arya Saloka’s replacement in the soap opera Ikatan Cinta, also starring Amanda Manopo, was again highlighted.

The authenticity of Deva Mahenra is increasingly sticking out after the audience increasingly accepts his existence as a substitute for Arya Saloka.

Deva Mahenra is proven to be no less charismatic than Arya Saloka, Amanda Manopo’s fictional husband in the soap opera Ikatan Cinta.

This is evidenced by the true nature of Deva Mahenra, who apparently also loves small children like Arya Saloka, who used to be close to children.

This is known based on the observation of Banjarmasinpost.co.id from the personal Instagram of actor Deva Mahenra, @devamahenra on Saturday (16/7/2022).

In the video reposted on Instagram @devamahenra, Friday (15/7/2022), in real life, Mika Tambayong’s lover serves his fans in a friendly manner even though they are small children.

This was acknowledged by one of his fans, the Instagram account @melisalestari17 who uploaded a video when Deva Mahenra greeted his son, also named Mahenra.

The owner of the account said that Deva Mahenra is a good man and loves children.

“Om Sal who is always kind and warm with children in real life,” said the account owner through the caption.

It was observed, Deva Mahenra was inviting the little boy to shake hands.

Deva stretched out his hand and was then greeted by the child’s hand.

Suddenly the fans of Deva Mahenra who were on the set of Ikatan Cinta were amazed.

Not long after, Deva Mahenra said goodbye and left the location by thanking him and waving his hand.

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