Deva Mahendra is getting more and more sticky with Amanda Manopo in the Love Bond, this is the reason Sal can steal the hearts of IC fans

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Deva Mahenra is expected to replace the central role of Aldebaran, played by Arya Saloka.

Now Arya Saloka has officially abandoned the big name Aldebaran and switched to playing the adaptation of the Kretek Girl.

Arya Saloka will play Mas Lebas in the drama series that will air on the Netflix platform.

Then what is the fate of the Love Bond after Arya Saloka left. The heavy task apparently fell into the hands of Deva Mahenra.

Deva Mahenra plays Sal, Aldebaran’s cousin. It is possible that Sal will become Andin’s companion, played by Amanda Manopo.

In his personal Instagram upload @devamahenra, it appears that Sal Ikatan Cinta is showing off the clothes he is wearing.

In the photo, Deva Mahenra appears to have a thinner body.

Even the artist Fairuz A Rafiq even commented on Deva Mahenra’s weight change, which now looks more manly and not too bulky.

“Yeaay gt, don’t be skinny now, like before, it’s cool,” commented Fairuz A Rafiq @fairuzarafiq on Deva Mahenra’s Instagram upload.

Amanda Manopo and Deva Mahenra are getting more intimate in the soap opera Ikatan Cinta

After being left by Arya Saloka, the storyline of Ikatan Cinta is now starting to improve and seems to want to forget the figure of Aldebaran.

Sal is now starting to be compared to Andin a lot. For example, when Reyna was traumatized by Ricky’s actions, it was Sal who succeeded in making Andin’s daughter happy again.

In addition, Andin is now contacting Sal and asking for Sal’s help when he has a problem.

In yesterday’s episode, when Elsa took Reyna away, Andin asked Sal for help in finding Andin’s eldest daughter.

Even Sal prefers to cancel his meeting so he can focus on finding the missing Reyna.

Support for Amanda Manopo and Deva Mahenra is now pouring in from loyal fans of Ikatan Cinta.

Ikatan Cinta fans now seem to have moved on. There are three new Instagram accounts that show that Sal and Andin can really get together.

The three Instagram accounts are @saladin.word, @sal.andin_, and @saladinlovers.

Quoted from the Instagram account @saladin.words, it seems that the account deliberately wanted Andin not to be widowed for long and be able to move on from Aldebaran.

“Their smiles are really cool,” wrote the Instagram account @saladin.words in the comments column for his upload, on Wednesday, July 13, 2022.

The account uploaded a photo collage of Andin and Sal looking at each other and smiling at each other.

“His cheeks are the same chubby cute,” commented the account*** while putting a crazy face emoji.

“Now watching IC like before, I can’t wait to hurry up at night,” wrote the account @suahet *** while inserting a laughing emoji.

“Sal is the best, hopefully it will bring better IC, the storyline,” commented the account @nengrania ****.

Will Sal’s love finally anchor to Andin and Reyna’s mother can move on after being left by Aldebaran, keep watching the Love Bonds only on RCTI.***

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