Charlotte Comedy Club is emptied before man fires firearm, police say – NBCNEWS

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A man fired a gun at a North Carolina comedy club Saturday night (July 16) shortly after it was evacuated and before actor and comedian Craig Robinson was scheduled to perform, police said.

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The incident took place at about 9 p.m. at The Comedy Zone in Charlotte, media reported. No one was injured.

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Club officials told WSOC-TV that the man brandished a gun and told everyone to leave before the venue emptied. About 50 customers were in.

“The suspect then fired his weapon,” the Charlotte-Mecklenburg police said in a statement Twitter. “There were no injuries and the suspect has been arrested.”

The man has not been identified.

Robinson starred in movies like Hot Tub Time Machine as well as the US version of The office television show. He said he was safe in a video posted to his… Instagram account.

Robinson said he and others at the club were taken to a nearby concert where the pop group Big Time Rush was performing.

“I was in the green room and they said ‘Everyone needs to get out’,” he said. “It was wild. It was definitely a moment.”

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