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Warning: Contains spoilers for Legion of X# 3

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The son of Professor XavierDavid Haller (aka Legion) proved that his father’s dream of peaceful coexistence between humans and mutants was, in fact, always a nightmare. Professor X is obsessed with control, and his idea of ​​a perfect society is one where people do not have to think, and the powerful telepath can simply use his powers to “fix” everyone who does not fit in.

Since the very first X-Men issue, Professor Charles Xavier was presented as a man who believed in a dream where mutants can live and thrive peacefully in a world where humans no longer fear their existence. Xavier’s pacifist idea of ​​integration was opposed by his friend / enemy Magneto, who believed in a violent and radical approach to mutant rights, to the point that the two have often been compared to Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. With the coming of the Age of Krakoa, mutants took an isolationist stance, seemingly putting an end to Xavier’s dream of peaceful coexistence. However, Professor X’s vision has always been much darker than it seemed.


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In Legion of X # 3, by Si Spurrier, Jan Bazaldua, and Federico Blee, Professor X’s son, the ultra-powerful Omega mutant Legion, explains to his uncle Cain Marko (aka Juggernaut) the truth about his father’s approach. Charles is, in fact, a control freak, but also the most powerful telepath in the world, which creates a dangerous combination. He believes that people do not need to think that much, they simply need to follow clear directions and rules (that he puts in place, of course). If someone has any troubles, rather than helping them manage their own demons, Xavier prefers using his powers to “fix” them, yanking out the “broken parts,” such as traumas or insecurities. David knows what he is talking about, due to his long history of mental issues and his father’s quite radical approach to them (including the decision to not resurrect Legion on Krakow because he was afraid he would lose control).


Fans of the X-Men have debated for a long time if Charles Xavier is actually the hero and savior he pretends to be. While his dream of coexistence was genuine, Professor X’s obsession with control led him to questionable behavior, especially towards “his” X-Men (for example, he reprogrammed Wolverine’s mind to make him join the team). After the founding of Krakoa, Xavier formally abandoned his dream, but the truth is that he has actually found a much better platform to enforce his true vision of the world by utilizing his influence and his role in the Quiet Council to enforce the laws in the strictest way possible. Whenever Xavier is involved, Krakow looks more like a totalitarian nightmare than the progressive utopia it actually is.

Looking back at Xavier’s past, he spent a lot of time lying, scheming, and manipulating others, and he did it because he blindly believes in his own vision of a perfect world. His dream was one of peaceful coexistence, but he also yearned for absolute control. So, basically, Professor X sees himself as a god. Legion‘s comment that his father’s ideal is for people to not think but simply follow the rules is absolutely on point but also shows how Professor Xavier‘s real dream is actually a totalitarian nightmare, and Krakoa has given him the platform he always needed to enforce it.

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Legion of X# 3 is now available from Marvel Comics.

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