Back to Filming, Arya Saloka’s latest appearance is in the spotlight

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Judging from his Instagram upload, Arya had a beard with a thick mustache.

Princess Anne’s husband’s hair also looked a little long and messy.

Arya’s appearance was successful in making netizens excited, it was considered messy, but not a few said that he was more handsome.

Now Arya Saloka has returned to filming and the appearance of this father of one child has also been highlighted.

It is known, Arya Saloka is shooting a film called ‘Girl Kretek’ and will compete acting with Dian Sastrowardoyo and Putri Marino.

This latest appearance can be seen in the upload of Kamila Andini, the director and screenwriter.

In the upload, Kamila showcased the activities of the shooting process with Arya Saloka.

This portrait of Arya’s appearance was then re-uploaded by one of his fan accounts, namely @d_she17.

Arya Saloka appears wearing a mid-striped blue shirt smiling looking at the camera.

The man who is now 30 years old looks different without a beard and thick mustache.

Her face now looks clean and looks younger.

The post was immediately commented on by netizens.

Many praised Arya Saloka’s appearance and judged that he looked cute and youthful like a teenager.

“I think he will play a role as a young person, his face is really cute,” wrote the @dd** account.

“I salfok your face as cute as a high school kid,” said the @ran *** account.

“Mas Arya looks really ABG, what kind of character do you play,” said the @pu*** account.

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